Dr Mirza declares the new branch open

Dr Mirza declares the new branch open

Katch Kan opens Bahrain office

March 2015

KATCH Kan Holdings Ltd, a supplier to the oil and gas industry, has opened an office in Bahrain, its first outside Canada and the US.

A statement issued at the opening said the new office would strengthen the company’s presence in the Middle East and enable it to conveniently provide service and support and consequently expand the global business reach.

Bahrain’s Minister of Energy, Dr Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, the chief guest at the inauguration, wished Katch Kan a successful launch of their business in Bahrain and said: “I look forward to their cooperation with the kingdom’s oil and gas sectors.” He explained that “due to years of economic, social and political reforms by the visionary leadership of the kingdom, Bahrain is becoming the regional hub for foreign investment.”

Quinn Holtby, founder, president and CEO of Katch Kan, said: “Being one of the wealthiest parts of the world with energy-related natural resources, the Middle East has always played a pivotal role in the global oil and gas industry. Over the past years, we have been expanding our business operations in the region and have successfully retained a prestigious portfolio of customers which has encouraged us to bring our support services closer to them and our distributors.”

Holtby explained that Bahrain’s strategic location and geopolitical importance made it the right home for Katch Kan away from home. He also praised the business-friendly environment that the kingdom offers.

Katch Kan offers a wide range of innovative products to companies in the oil and gas industry and drilling contractors to ensure access to tangible, efficient, safe and proactive solutions which prevent work-related injuries and improve operations productivity while protecting the environment.

“I am very pleased to be celebrating the opening of Katch Kan’s new offices in Bahrain, which will serve the entire Gulf region,” said Thomas MacDonald, Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen. “Katch Kan will bring leading Canadian technology and know-how to the oil and gas industry in the Gulf. I wish them every success in pursuing the vast opportunities here and in building partnerships which match Canadian capabilities to regional needs.”


“Katch Kan will bring to the Middle East region an extensive array of cutting-edge products and services that are geared to improving safety and environmental responsibility while minimising risk and maximising performance,” Holtby added. “We will be also working on expanding our distribution channels across the region to keep our customers up to date with our latest products and services while providing them timely support.”

The Katch Kan Rig Safety System is designed to increase personnel safety while decreasing operational hazard on a rig-floor by eliminating repetitive accidents and incidents. The patented Zero Spill System (ZSS) not only captures fluids but assists in the prevention of dropping foreign objects, thereby reducing down time and loss of production. The ZSS was designed in response to industry feedback, regulatory concerns and environmental specialists who demanded an easier, more efficient and safe way to contain production fluids and drilling fluids, from releasing into the natural environment.

“With these systems in place, we have been able to prove tangible results regarding environmental performance, the outcome being a green initiative with a safer working environment for rig personnel and reduced operational cost for our customers,” Holtby concluded.

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