TCP lighting

TCP lighting

New TCP products enhance lighting

Featured in the latest innovations is the LED Sky Bay which meets demanding commercial and industrial needs

01 February 2015

Technical Consumer Products Inc (TCP) in its latest innovation, expanded last month its LED Luminaire offering, presenting its new LED Sky Bay Luminaires.

“TCP’s energy efficient LED Sky Bay provides exceptional light output for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications and is a Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified product,” the company said.

The LED Sky Bay is available with either a 20,000 lumen or 24,000 lumen package and in a 4,100 Kelvin or a 5,000 Kelvin colour temperature. It is designed to replace fixtures equivalent to an eight-lamp T5HO linear fluorescent or a 400 watt HID. The LED Sky Bay may provide up to 56 per cent energy savings over a traditional fluorescent or HID fixture and is the ideal energy saving solution for mounting heights up to 60 feet in commercial applications.

“We are excited to expand our LED Luminiare Line,” said Tim Caputa, TCP product manager for LED fixtures. “Our LED Sky Bay Luminaires combine TCP’s superior driver technology with best-in class LED chips and high end diffusion in a rugged steel housing that provides customers with high quality and efficiency.”

Also, last month, demonstrated the TCP LED smart home lighting systems, Connected by TCP and ColorSpree, at ShowStoppers CES 2015. These two smart lighting technologies allow consumers to easily make the transition to home automation.

“With the combined power of Connected by TCP or ColorSpree and any smart device, owners can now enjoy the benefits of LED technology while having control in the palm of their hands,” said Ellis Yan, CEO of TCP. “As technology continues to advance, we believe that lighting should get smarter too.”

TCP’s ColorSpree bulbs include A-lamp LED bulbs that can transform to any colour in the RGB spectrum. ColorSpree technology incorporates colour-changing LED bulbs that are programmable to music, syncing with the rhythm of any song, and consumers can use their Bluetooth connection to adjust the colour temperature or dim these lamps.

The Connected by TCP lamp selection includes PAR38s, BR30s, downlight retrofit kits and general purpose A-lamp LEDs.

In December, TCP introduced the DirecT8 series of LED replacements for 32 watt fluorescent T8 tubes used with an instant start ballast. DirecT8 LED tubes provide up to 40 per cent energy savings over existing fluorescent lamps, a 50,000 hour rated life and are Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified product, which allows commercial applications to immediately take advantage of energy and maintenance savings while maximizing utility rebates. 

“The DirecT8 LED tubes provide a simple LED retrofit solution for existing fluorescent fixtures,” explains Paul Phillips, Senior TCP LED product manager. “Customers can now utilise TCP’s superior LED technology when replacing fluorescent tubes operating on instant start ballasts. There is no rewiring of the fixture or hassle of switching out an entire existing fixture body – just power off, remove the old technology and replace with DirecT8 LED tubes to take advantage of energy and maintenance savings.”

DirecT8 LED Tubes are available in 30K, 35K, 41K and 50K colour temperatures and deliver comparable lumens to equivalent fluorescent systems. These lamps consume 15 watts of power and are compatible with 120 volt to 277 line voltages. Unlike the incumbent fluorescent technology, these LED lamps are shatterproof, do not contain mercury, and they turn instantly on and off with no annoying warm-up time. These features make the DirecT8 series the ideal choice for any application still utilising fluorescent technology.

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