A shipyard picture of a vessel after application of one of the latest antifouling products

A shipyard picture of a vessel after application of one of the latest antifouling products

Hempel antifouling products launched

The company’s new antifouling products raise the expertise bar in marine paints technology and cement its place in the forefront of leading coatings producers

01 February 2015

Building on the industry-proven Globic and Dynamic range of antifouling systems, leading marine coatings manufacturer Hempel recently announced the launch of two new antifouling products for dry-dockings and new buildings which deliver fuel savings of up to 3 per cent and provide added flexibility to shipowners and yards.

Globic 8000 is a brand new hydrolysing self-polishing antifouling product that fits neatly between the existing Globic 6000 and Globic 9000 antifouling systems and builds on the Globic technology to deliver premium performance at a reasonable price. It incorporates Hempel’s nano acrylate technology which delivers a fine polishing control mechanism to bring the integral biocides to the surface at a stable rate ensuring a clean hull.

Globic 8000 can be used on all vessels at all speeds but its nano acrylate technology binder makes it particularly effective for slow-steaming operations because of its instant activation of polishing and biocide leaching.

Dynamic 8000, also launched simultaneously, extends the current Dynamic range utilising silylated acrylate technology to deliver an outstanding antifouling service at higher speeds.

Announcing the launch, Andreas Glud, Hempel’s group product manager said: “These two new products offer a wider choice for owners and yards and deliver exceptional value-for-money. They comprise 58 per cent volume solids and can be specified up to 90 months drydocking interval. This, together with a 3 per cent fuel saving, means that these antifouling systems offer an unparalleled return on investment”

He added: “Our Globic technology has been widely accepted and well-tested by the market and our 6000 and 9000 products are in demand for all vessel types. Globic 8000 provides an added dimension to this technology and offers a great alternative for those seeking a top-tier antifouling at an industry-leading price.”

Completing the suite of new products is Basic which is Hempel’s most economic antifouling suitable for up to a 36-month drydocking interval. It comes with 60 per cent volume solids and a sufficient biocide package to deliver an optimal price/performance match.

All three new products also make use of Hempel’s innovative micro-fibre reinforcement technology that enhances the mechanical strength of the coating to reduce cracking and peeling.



Hempel recently announced it has acquired Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken BV a leading Dutch supplier of specialised industrial, protective and decorative coatings. The acquisition is part of Hempel’s five-year growth strategy, “One Hempel – One Ambition”, and supports its goal of becoming one of the world’s 10 largest coatings suppliers by the end of 2015.

Jesper Bødtkjer, Hempel’s group vice president, Europe, and Doeschate

Jesper Bødtkjer, Hempel’s group vice president, Europe, and Doeschate

The acquisition will enable Hempel to benefit from Schaepman’s proven expertise in protective coatings. At the same time, existing Schaepman customers will gain access to Hempel’s broad range of products and expert global support. Hempel’s global presence will also ensure Schaepman’s specialist products are available to a wider customer base.

Hempel’s group president and CEO Pierre-Yves Jullien comments: “We are focused on developing or acquiring new solutions that add real benefits to our customers. Schaepman represents what we were looking for. It has a solid position on the local market, a strong brand, innovative R&D and specialist products that will enrich our global assortment. In addition, Schaepman’s expertise in the industrial coatings segment will help open new business possibilities for Hempel in this market.”

Schaepman’s management is excited about the acquisition. “With Hempel we have found the perfect match. Like Schaepman, Hempel, has many years of experience and a strong focus on R&D. Furthermore, Hempel’s solid global presence will allow us to broaden our customer, geographical and technological base,” says Berend ten Doeschate, Schaepman’s CEO.

He continues: “Schaepman will continue, under the ownership of Hempel, to provide reliable and high-quality solutions to our customers, focusing on the individual needs and continuous operation of our customers’ production processes. Our own production will continue in Kampen and I am sure our customers will soon see benefits from Hempel’s global expertise.”’

Hempel acquired the US-based protective coatings manufacturer Blome International Inc in 2012. Hempel has seen significant growth in the Americas as a result and many Blome products are now available to Hempel’s global customers.

Per mutual agreement, terms of the sale are undisclosed.

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