New cables produced by Fujikura

December 2014

FUJIKURA Ltd has announced it has developed a Leaky Coaxial Cable (LCX) suitable for implementing 2×2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output).

The company has been working on research on the 2x2 MIMO system, which uses an LCX that also serves as two antennas, in cooperation with Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International and Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

The data traffic through wireless communication such as cell phones or wireless LANs has been increasing. Consequently, shortages of radio resources caused by many users in places like stations or meeting rooms results in the lower data rate and poor connection. Two LCXs are considered to be needed to double the transmission capacity of an LCX. The research, however, has theoretically enabled an LCX to have twice the transmission capacity. It is expected to be applied for responding to the increasing volume of transmission.

The research was conducted under the Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme of Japan’s Ministry of International Affairs and Communications.

Earlier, Fujikura revealed it developed a new USB 3.0 cable assembly that is flexible and easy to be stored.

“High frequency signals for increasing data traffic require some shielded-pair cables, but they have a lack of flexibility. We resolved the problem by utilising design, manufacture and evaluation technique for high-frequency cables, which we have been cultivating in developing small-diameter cables used for electronics devices. In addition, we improved its flexibility and its usability by newly designing materials and structures for shielded layers and jackets,” the company said in a statement.

Even when the cable is connected to a wearable device, which has been increasingly miniaturised, the device is not lifted by the cable. The cable fits unobtrusively on wearable devices such as head-mounted displays to provide more comfort. Assembly including connectors can be customised to customer specifications or transmission standards. The cable is expected to be used in robots for FA (factory automation) and medical use as it is suitable for use in a device’s moving part, where mechanical stress is applied.

In September of this year, Fujikura disclosed it had developed multiplex optical connectors for ultrahigh definition imaging devices that can be used in 4k/8k broadcasting studios for the first time in the world. The company has started delivering them.

This innovative products meet the standard of “Interface for UHDTV Production Systems B-58 ver 1.0” that Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) has established. Attached to both ends of 24-fibre optical cables that link 4k/8k super-high vision bradcasting devices, the connectors contribute to the realisation of high-density optical interconnection and reductions in time needed for connecting and disconnecting.

These optical fibres were exhibited in October at Ceatec Japan 2014.

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