Enterprise smart glass for UAE

A deal between du and APX Labs gives du’s customers access to the best smart glass technology for enterprises with applications in logistics and other fields

November 2014

du, a UAE telecommunications provider, will make enterprise smart glass technology available to its more than 70,000 business clients following a partnership deal with APX Labs.

APX Labs is the developer of the Skylight platform for enterprise solutions with smart glasses. The partnership extends APX Labs’ global reach to provide du’s business customers access to the best smart glass technology available for enterprises.

du provides a comprehensive portfolio of managed information and communications technology services to businesses in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation and airlines, logistics and more. Through the new partnership, du will provide APX Labs’ Skylight software platform to enterprise customers using available smart glasses such as Epson Moverio, Google Glass and Vuzix M100.

Organisations with deskless workers or remote field staff can drive significant business outcomes using smart glass to increase efficiency and productivity through hands-free access to critical applications and information within workers’ field of view, without disrupting the flow of work.

du anticipates immediate applications within transportation and logistics, as well as emergency services in Dubai. For example, airlines can use Skylight on smart glasses to speed transfer times and streamline shipping operations by providing workers on the tarmac access to real-time tracking information on packages and luggage as they are transferred between planes.

Emergency services can increase safety and speed response times of fire and rescue teams by providing instant access to maps and blueprints that help responders find building access points, locate emergency shut-off switches and manage the location of emergency responders on-site.   

Smart glasses are the next frontier in enterprise technology, radically changing the way many workers will conduct their jobs,” said Jawad Shaikh, executive vice president of digital business, du. “With their proven success with the Skylight platform, APX Labs is the only technology partner capable of bringing this disruptive technology to the untapped markets of the Middle East and Africa.

“With our new Wearables as a Service offering, du’s business customers can use APX Labs’ leading augmented reality and heads up display technology to achieve cost savings, streamline business processes and enable remote collaboration hands-free and in real-time.

“This is the future of connectivity, and we’re offering it to our customers today.” 


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