Cometto at the cutting edge

November 2014

ITALIAN firm Cometto, a leader in the manufacturing of heavy haulage equipment, recently launched its latest fully electric vehicle EMT (electric modular transporter), which the company hailed as a new concept for heavy duty logistic applications offering noise-free and zero-emission operations and safe and clean transportation inside building complexes and areas where pollution cannot be tolerated.

The new EMT is a fully electric, self-loading modular vehicle, 100 per cent battery fueled and designed for inside and outside plants with capability to load up to 100 tonnes. It is also available in an explosion-proof version (ATEX or Hazloc).

Cometto has been operating since the early 1950s and currently boasts a range including road semitrailers, modular heavy trailers, self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs) and transporters.

“Worldwide Cometto is the preference of companies engaged in the business of heavy haulage, heavy lifting, petrochemicals, construction, precast and steel beams, wind farms, shipyards and drydocks,” said a company spokesman.

“Worth mentioning, among Cometto modular systems, is the MSPE series. Its modularity allows different configurations of trailers that can adapt to any specific loading need. The advanced electronic system and dedicated Cometto software allows a ± 135° steering angle. Each suspension is independent and connected to the computer through a dedicated encoder. With these features, the MSPE has the ability to move in every direction, making it possible to successfully complete any sort of move/installation.”

The MSPE range grants load capacity up to 60 tonnes per axle lines (MSPE Evo2) thanks to the high-quality steel frame, specific suspensions types and special tyres designed with the collaboration of a premier brand manufacturer.

This is a great advantage in terms of manoeuvrability, due to fewer axles needed to move the same payload and, as a consequence, there are advantages in final costs as well, the company points out.

Cometto has also developed a full range of power packs featuring different ranges of power and performances. The Cometto Full-Hybrid Power Pack is the first power unit which provides an alternative solution to traditional diesel power systems.

“High-quality components and innovative technology, flexibility, servicing and support, long experience and on-time delivery are some of the advantages we offer our customers,” said the spokesman. The company is based in the industrial northwest of Italy.

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