Dr Mardapittas: new and exciting projects in the offing

Dr Mardapittas: new and exciting projects in the offing

Powerstar helps cut bill for Royal firm

The company is winning over clients in the UAE after succeeding globally with technology that cuts electricity consumption and costs and lowers CO2 levels

November 2014

Powerstar, the global market-leading voltage optimisation system, has been successfully installed at TenCate Grass Middle East based in Dubai, part of Dutch multi-national Royal TenCate. Figures indicate that the installation is providing substantial annual savings of 8.7 per cent in electricity consumption and costs, with the added environmental benefits of related levels of CO2 reduction.

Economic growth across the UAE has led to a huge increase in energy consumption levels. Trends highlight the region as having one of the world’s highest electricity consumptions per capita, and estimates indicate that the domestic demand for power will more than double by 2020.

Within this context, maximising energy efficiency is crucial, both to reduce costs and to meet corporate social responsibility targets. Voltage optimisation is a well-established, reliable and highly effective method of saving energy which discretely optimises the voltage coming into a site to ensure that it is in line with a building’s electrical needs. This means that users are not paying out for wasteful over-voltage.

Matching voltage to a site’s specific electrical demands also reduces wear and tear to onsite equipment, machinery and appliances by cleaning the power supply and eliminating the peaks and troughs in power delivery which can impact on sensitive IT equipment. Reducing over voltage also protects motors from overheating, so saving on maintenance spend.

British-manufactured Powerstar has remained at the forefront of voltage optimisation technology since its launch over 13 years ago and it continues to be the only voltage optimisation system in the world with a granted patent. Powerstar represents an engineering solution rather than an off-the-shelf product and the company’s engineers carried out an in-depth site analysis survey at TenCate before recommending the best solution to provide optimum savings and carbon reductions.

As a prominent multinational company, TenCate has an active policy of operating in as environmentally responsible a way as possible and wanted to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases. TenCate Grass Middle East is part of a division which is the world market leader in synthetic grass fibres and components. Its products are specifically developed for landscaping and sports surfaces and the facility in Dubai is a key supplier for the UAE.



A Powerstar unit – fixed voltage optimisation system

A Powerstar unit – fixed voltage optimisation system

Powerstar’s recommended installation of a 1,500 KVA voltage optimisation system on the panel, which mainly feeds TenCate’s production line and a range of motors, was installed with a savings guarantee of at least 6.8 per cent. In the event, savings actually exceeded expectations with an 8.7 per cent kWh reduction achieved, lowering carbon emissions by 462.5 tonnes a year. TenCate is also benefitting from the 10-year warranty that comes with a Powerstar installation.

The Powerstar voltage optimisation system is available in three variations to suit a range of sites. The original Powerstar (low voltage side fixed optimisation) system is intended for buildings with a steady but excessive incoming voltage supply.

Sites with fluctuating voltage or varying loads can benefit from Powerstar MAX, which offers electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation, suitable for sites that operate through the night when demand on the grid drops and voltage increases. This system uses intelligent controls to ensure that power is supplied at a constant level regardless of how unstable the incoming voltage. Buildings with critical equipment, high night loads and greater security requirements such as hospitals and supermarkets benefit particularly from an electronic dynamic system.

Both fixed and variable Powerstar systems offer savings, which are on average 12 – 15 per cent with a payback period of three years and often less. Energy savings are also guaranteed by Powerstar.



The latest innovation in the Powerstar range, developed after years of research, is Powerstar HV MAX, a combined solution replacing an on-site, inefficient HV (high voltage side) transformer with an amorphous core super-low loss HV transformer and integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology.

Depending on the age and type of the HV transformer that it replaces, Powerstar HV MAX will provide between 3 – 10 per cent savings. The integrated voltage optimisation technology offers a further 12-15 per cent savings, therefore sites can expect to achieve average savings of 17 per cent.

Powerstar boasts 100 per cent reliability with no recorded failures across thousands of installations globally. Guaranteed savings and the fully supportive engineering offered by Powerstar is increasing take-up of voltage optimisation across the UAE and, as the country continues to develop, this technology has an important contribution to make in keeping energy spend in check.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director at Powerstar, said, “We are pleased to see such positive results from the TenCate installation. As a company we continue to increase our presence in the UAE, a very important market for us. We are currently working on a number of new and exciting projects in the territory, which we look forward to announcing in the near future.”

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