SentrySafe makes chests, files safer

Saving documents and memorabilia has gotten better with the launch of a new line by a much-experienced firm

01 September 2014

SentrySafe, a global leader in fire-resistant security storage containers, has introduced a newly designed line of chests and files it says is perfect for providing reliable protection and organisation.

“From irreplaceable and cherished possessions, including baby books and family heirlooms, to important documents, such as a house deed and marriage licence, SentrySafe products provide peace of mind to last a lifetime,” a company statement said.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the US, these feature upgrades are inspired by customers’ changing organisational, security and storage needs. Creating peace of mind for important documents, hard-to-replace records (digital and paper) and personal memorabilia, the new safes provide reliable protection from threats like flood and fire. Based on consumer feedback, these new safes have been redesigned with a modern look that fits any home, while able to withstand the unpredictable conditions of a house fire.

“At SentrySafe, we protect so much more than documents and files,” said Jim Brush, president and CEO of SentrySafe. “We have learned from our consumers that they are storing the memories and items most significant to them and their family. That’s why it’s important that SentrySafe continues to innovate and reinvent the security storage category, offering products that provide protection for the things that matter most.”

Waterproof and fire-resistant, the FHW40200 large file was redesigned with a durable body, flush-mounted faceplate and key lock to help keep important documents private. The new integrated handles make the file easy to lift and carry. The safe accommodates hanging file folders, making organising, accessing and protecting vital home/office documents and personal memorabilia simpler than ever. The file features reliable fire protection and is UL classified for up to 30 minutes at 1,550° F. It is also ETL verified for water submersion for up to 72 hours.

The new sleek designs of the SentrySafe CHW30100 and CHW21101 chest are waterproof and fire-resistant. The flush-mounted faceplates and rugged design embody the strength and reliable protection of SentrySafe. The chests allow consumers to protect important documents and personal items from unexpected threats of fire and flood and keep prying eyes away. The chests feature reliable fire protection and are UL classified for up to 30 minutes at 1,550° F. They are also ETL verified for water submersion for up to 72 hours.  In addition, these chests are ETL verified for the protection of digital media, such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives in a fire.

Founded in 1930, SentrySafe is the world leader in offering fire-resistant and security storage solutions for important documents and valuables. A global presence, SentrySafe today produces more fire-resistant chests, files, safes and security storage containers than any other company in the world. The family-owned company’s manufacturing headquarters is in Rochester, New York, and sales operations exist in the US, Canada, Japan and the UK, distributing products to more than 54 countries worldwide.

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