Pro-tect offers markets greener option

01 September 2014

POWDER coating company Pro-tect Coatings has announced it is offering powder coat paints as a more environment-friendly option than conventional liquid paints which contain harmful solvents and emit volatile organic compounds.

Recently the company upgraded to a larger powder coating oven size. The new oven is 6 m long x 2.9 m wide x 2.6 m high and has access at both ends for ease of production which can accommodate much larger items.

The use of these paints deduct the use of aromatic hydrocarbon thinners and mineral spirits used in liquid paints. The aromatic hydrocarbon thinners are toxic in nature and cause both short-term and long-term damage to the environment including many adverse health effects. “Powder coatings are used when a hard decorative paint finish is required. Almost anything capable of holding a small electrical charge can have powder paint applied to it. Once applied the coating is then cured by heating to 200°C in a large industrial oven,” a company statement said.

“The powder coating paints offered by Pro-tect Coatings can be applied to mild steel, aluminium and it can also be used over galvanised steel. The paints are available in a wide range for colours and finishes.”

For a more superior finish Pro-tect Coatings’ London experts suggest: “In our opinion a far superior finish is achieved over hot zinc spray which is an excellent alternative to galvanising and provides a uniform flat/smooth surface for the powder coating to adhere to”

On the other hand conventional liquid paints which contain aromatic hydrocarbon thinners and mineral spirits cause air pollution, their use can lower down the quality of air and result in urban smog. Both these adverse effects cause damage to the respiratory system and irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Furthermore, aromatic hydrocarbon thinners emit high levels of  volatile organic compounds which can cause cancer and other serious diseases, whereas the more environmentally friendly powder coating paints have many benefits including: contain no solvents; emit no VOCs; can produce much thicker coatings without running or sagging; overspray can be recycled and reused (no wastage); production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings

Pro-tect Coatings’ shot blasting unit has powder-coated various items including a Victorian wrought iron gate, shipping cages used to transport goods, and one of 42 balconies of various sizes powder coated in grey high gloss over galvanising for a housing development in Hackney, East London.

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