Trelleborg’s new coating plates are available in rubber- and polymer-based versions

Trelleborg’s new coating plates are available in rubber- and polymer-based versions

Trelleborg coating plates ‘precise’

The company invested much time, effort and resources to devise a line offering higher productivity, a greener solution and perfect coating and varnishing results

01 September 2014

Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation within Trelleborg Coated Systems, a leading manufacturer of Vulcan, Rollin and Printec blankets, has launched a new coating plate range that enhances precision coating and broadens the company’s total offering of offset printing solutions.

An addition to traditional blankets, the new range of coating plates is available in rubber- and polymer-based versions for both UV and aqueous coatings in 1.15 mm and 1.35 mm thickness. This new fabricless solution provides added features for pre-press managers and press operators, such as cleaner plate preparation, easier strip with visible cut lines, reduced ink back-trapping, simpler handling and perfect printing quality over runs up to 100,000 copies.

Paolo Gagliardi, offset business director of Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation within Trelleborg Coated Systems, says: “The introduction of our newest product line meets the changing demands of the market, contributes to extending our product offering and assures perfect coating and varnishing results.

“We invested significant time, effort and resources into the development of this new coating plate solution to further improve printing process productivity, print quality and environmental impact of our products. As such, the new coating plates are manufactured on the recently introduced Solventless Roller Head Line which, using solvent-free technology, provides a much more environmentally-friendly solution.”

In addition, the new product also represents the first step of a revised contact strategy, aimed at improving the value of the communication with distributors and end users. To further reinforce this idea, a dedicated web site has been launched in seven languages containing information on the product range and all its features, benefits and advantages for printers. The newly created web site offers an online selection guide which allows customers to download technical information related to coating plates available for their specific market.

The company’s solution meets the challenging demands of the market

The company’s solution meets the challenging demands of the market

Trelleborg Coated Systems comprises the general industry market segment within two segments:

• Engineered fabrics: rubber and polyurethane coated substrates for a wide range of demanding environments in industries such as general industry, automotive, transportation and safety and health.

• Printing solutions: complete range of printing blanket solutions for all offset printing segments; from packaging and commercial printing up to special niche applications such as security printing. There is a carrier sleeve production line for packaging flexo printing.

In recent months, Trelleborg has, through its business area Trelleborg Coated Systems, signed an agreement to acquire the assets and businesses from the US-based privately owned Uretek Archer LLC Group comprising Uretek LLC and Archer Rubber Company LLC. Completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities.

Uretek and Archer develop and manufacture urethane-coated fabrics and rubber-coated fabrics respectively. Their products and solutions are used across multiple segments, such as aerospace, healthcare, outdoor recreation, government and defence.

“The acquired businesses have superior technical knowledge with focused R&D and product development, in addition to solid partnerships with customers. The acquisition complements our existing business in engineered fabrics and broadens our product range in North America,” says Dario Porta, president of the Trelleborg Coated Systems business area.

The businesses have manufacturing facilities in New Haven, Connecticut and in Milford, Massachusetts, US, respectively.

Vulcan and Rollin are two brands with a long history and track records back to 1854 for Rollin and early 1900 for Vulcan. In 2011 the company added the Printec brand to its portfolio, acquiring the printing blankets business of Day Brazil SA.

Printec has a strong presence in Latin America and in the US.

Trelleborg saw in the early 1990s the potential of digital print and is today an HP partner for Indigo presses.

As a leading printing blankets manufacturer, Trelleborg Printing Solutions continuously invest in Innovation, serving the market with a wide and complete offer for different market segments.

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