Gloria tiles from the Sheen Collection

Gloria tiles from the Sheen Collection

RAK Ceramics says sustainability is key

The company presents from time to time highly regarded products but now has complemented that tradition with a GRI CSR report, the first ceramics maker to do so

01 September 2014

UAE-based RAK Ceramics, said to be the world’s largest ceramics manufacturer, recently achieved a significant new milestone by becoming the first ceramics maker in the region to produce a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) report based on the latest GRI-G4 guidelines.

The company adopted the new guidelines, which incorporate the latest and best global reporting practices in sustainability management and corporate governance, to produce its annual sustainability report for 2013.

This report follows the company’s 2013 milestone, when it became the region’s first ceramics producer to use the GRI format for its sustainability and CSR reporting.

“Sustainability in every sphere of business is one of the main elements of RAK Ceramics’ mission statement and, accordingly, RAK Ceramics has set new standards for sustainability reporting for manufacturers in the region consistently, and has raised the bar by adopting G4 guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative. GRI exists to elevate the standards for sustainability reporting and we are delighted to be raising the reporting bar again in the region after becoming the first regional company in our industry to use the GRI format in 2013,” said Abdallah Massaad, CEO, RAK Ceramics.

“The report highlights RAK Ceramics’ achievements, contributions and strategies within the latest sustainability framework. It is a template for our larger plans to set a benchmark in the global sustainable manufacturing platform,” he added.

Equipment at an RAK Ceramics plant

Equipment at an RAK Ceramics plant

RAK Ceramics Sustainability Report 2013 outlined the company’s operations over the last year under the key headings: economic, social and environmental sustainability, and examined the issues that influence the assessments and decisions made by the company’s stakeholders. Case studies in the report reveal how the company is committed to practicing environmental stewardship throughout its manufacturing chain – from product design and efficient operations processes – and to playing an active role in building a better community by enhancing the surrounding environment.

Detailed in the report were RAK Ceramics’ sustainability and CSR accomplishments in 2013. It demonstrated the organisation’s activities to improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, enhance biodiversity and improve the quality of life for both people in the communities it operates in and for its workforce. The report also revealed that the company has set new sustainability goals for 2014 that would build upon its reputation as being a responsible corporate entity that places priority on people and the environment.

“Managing our use of natural resources and being a responsible steward of the environment is a crucial component of our sustainability approach,” said Massaad. “Our strategy for 2014 includes the setting of new health, safety, environment and community targets to guide and improve our performance. Furthermore, as a part our commitment to making a positive contribution to society, we will continue to allocate CSR budgets to invest on social-related activities that benefit the local community,” he added.



Meanwhile, RAK Ceramics recently expanded its portfolio of tiles with several new collections that boost its extensive array comprising more than 8,000 designs in ceramic and gres porcellanto tiles.

Vanilla, one of the examples of the Sheen Collection

Vanilla, one of the examples of the Sheen Collection

Its newly launched Sheen Collection is a unique range of ceramic wall tiles that possess subtle shades of gold to give an appealing shimmer to homes.

Manufactured using the latest technology, the Sheen Collection combines a rich gleam of gold with light and delicate designs, creating an interplay with light, whether natural or artificial, to produce the shimmering effect of precious metal.

The entire collection is inspired from nature, vintage embroidery, ornate patterns and contemporary art with each tile having the charm to enhance the interiors.

Tiles from the Sheen Collection meet the requirements of international quality standards and are resistant to chemicals, fire, frost, thermal shock, stain and dirt. Available in the 25 by 70 cm format, the Sheen Collection comprises:

• Arista tiles that mimic carpets with block-printed emblems, inspired by the designs of medieval kingdoms, giving a classy appearance to the ambiance.

• Gloria tiles, which have distinct patterns of wild golden blossoms that create the opulence of royalty. The tiles are available in beige and gold colours.

A robot glazing machine at work at an RAK Ceramics production facility

A robot glazing machine at work at an RAK Ceramics production facility

• Boronia tiles are inspired by imprints of forest flowers. Available in glossy gold, these tiles are suitable for interior wall décor.

• City tiles, which feature an enthralling patchwork of geometric, floral and abstract motifs. The ensemble is complemented by simple self-printed silver and gold base tiles.

• Majestic tiles, which are inspired from vintage embellishments that are inset in oval templates to create a unique aura for interiors.

• Valentine tiles, which depict oil-painted flowers that convey vibrancy to the interiors.

• Vanilla tiles, which are inspired by floral motifs of vanilla orchids finely designed over woven patterns of golden threads that lend the collection an exclusive appeal.

• Vera tiles, which are inspired from blossoming orchids of the spring painted on patterned base tiles gleaming in hues of gold to provide a charm to interiors.

• Morisia tiles, which are inspired by bunches of golden flowers sketched on a backdrop of subtly shaded golden base tiles adding glamour to the interiors.

• Polar tiles, which are slick ceramic tiles designed with illusionary golden spheres giving a distinguished look to the settings.

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