Bapco completed several major projects in recent years

Bapco completed several major projects in recent years

Bapco backs energy debates

01 August 2014

BAPCO has agreed to become the diamond sponsor for the third Project Management Institute (PMI) AGC-DMS energy forum debates to be held in Bahrain in September at the Gulf Hotel.

“The PMI AGC is confident that participating organisations will not only gain important recognition and distinction for their involvement in the conference, but will also enjoy a prime opportunity to interact face-to-face with clients, suppliers, key decisions-makers, influential leaders, industry experts, and potential business partners,” said Abdul Majeed Al Gassab, president of  PMI AGC, Bahrain region.

Mohammed Loch, president and CEO, DMS Global, which is managing the event, commented: ““The Project Management Institute is the leading body for project management standards which already gave the event huge technical credibility. Bapco taking the lead as the Diamond Sponsor now gives the event the industry credibility it deserves and will no doubt inspire the whole project management community to take part in this unique gathering.”

The debates will be held on September 2 and 3.

Bapco chairman Adel Al Moayed, said Bapco is entering an exciting new chapter in its history after the successful completion of its decade-long $1.2 billion Strategic Investment Programme (SIP) undertaken to revitalise and upgrade Bahrain’s sole refinery established in the 1930s.

“As a result of the SIP, we are now in a position to produce increased volumes of higher value products and meet anticipated future requirements of customers. Several projects were undertaken as a part of this SIP which included a Low Sulphur Diesel Production Plant and a Lube Base Oil Plant along with several environmental projects such as the Refinery Gas Desulphurisation Project, the Waste Water Treatment Plant Project and new Sulphur Handling Facilities.

“Bapco, with a firm reiteration of its commitment to a clean and green Bahrain, has not stopped at this point but surged ahead with several path-breaking initiatives taken up for the first time in Bahrain such as a 5MW Pilot Solar Power Project in collaboration with concerned government agencies and a CO2 Recovery Plant Project, in partnership with a private entity, that utilises a waste stream to extract carbon dioxide which has several uses, especially in the medicine industry.”

“In line with our leadership’s vision to create a sustainable, socially responsible and cost-efficient Bapco that is fully aligned with the kingdom’s economic Vision 2030, we are proud to shoulder the responsibility of turning the vision of our leaders into reality through the company’s strategic and business development initiatives. This is also the underlying theme of our vision which is ‘Striving for Excellence’ wherein we have focused not just on growth but also our internal processes with the launching of an ‘Operational Excellence’ programme which addresses efficiency and reliability issues in addition to environment, health and safety.”

PMI AGC is an Arabian Gulf branch of the world’s leading non-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession.

Data Media Systems Global (DMS Global) is a global marketing specialist for the energy sector.

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