MEPI to launch unique system in Masdar

01 July 2014

AFTER years of development and global field trials across the world, Mobile Electric Power International Limited (MEPI) will launch the first commercially available SunDial SmartPower system in Masdar City this month. SunDial SmartPower is the world’s leading solution in mobile renewable energy. SmartPower patented systems are the only systems jointly developed with US Special Operations Forces to offer a unique system to meeting operational energy needs in off-grid, austere environments.

SunDial SmartPower is a containerised renewable power generator that uses solar and battery power to meet operational power needs. Systems can power life-support areas, operation centres, clinics, cellular base stations, and villages. These mobile solar generators have been thoroughly tested by the US military for safety and performance and are currently deployed in Afghanistan, Africa, and the US.

Created in 2014, MEPI is a joint venture with Eagle Proprietary Investments Limited and SunDial in order to offer a leasing option for SmartPower systems. Government and commercial entities can see the systems for the first time and lease these systems at rates comparable or less than diesel generators, without the need for fuel resupply.

MEPI is the only source of leasing SunDial SmartPower systems outside the US. MEPI exclusively provides its commercial and government clients with a turn-key solution for off-grid power needs without the logistical burden of diesel fuel. MEPI offers these systems at comparable or lower rates than diesel generators on a lease basis. MEPI has the global leasing distribution rights for SunDial SmartPower.

SunDial Power Pods LLC is a world leader in mobile renewable energy. Eagle is a Dubai-based direct investment firm, which has a core focus on the financial industry and its supporting sectors.

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