Asry has decades of  experience in ship repairs

Asry has decades of experience in ship repairs

New Asry projects will boost its appeal

01 July 2014

ASRY, Bahrain’s ship and rig repair yard, has announced a road map that includes a series of projects that will serve as markers for Asry’s continued growth.

Chairman Sheikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa said among the most important projects are the construction of a new dry dock, the yard’s fourth to service surplus demand; growth of the consultancy business, outsourcing the yard’s years of expertise as a revenue stream; deeper penetration of the Saudi Arabian market with the establishment and growth of an office in the Eastern Province; a reorganisation of the corporate structure to realign and unify human resources for an optimised approach; the continued Bahrainisation of the company through pro-active and merit-based human resource strategies.

Sheikh Daij said the projects are part of the Strategic Plan 2013-2017.

Sheikh Daij: a new initiative for growth

Sheikh Daij: a new initiative for growth

He said customers’ response to growth had been positive. “Successes from the recently completed expansionary phase did not go unnoticed by either our customers or the international shipping industry,” he remarked.

“With an investment of $188 million, a series of revenue diversifications, and a raft of new facilities completed, this expansion has equipped Asry with a variety of tools to drive growth.

“However, all improvements made over recent years must now be unified and coordinated into a single purpose; the various developments must fit together as pieces of an overall objective.”

Asry says the company is now entering a period of consolidation after witnessing in 2013 its fourth year of consecutive growth. Revenues grew to $199 million, an increase of 12.1 per cent from the 2012 level. There were repairs on a record-equalling 184 vessels. In 2010, Asry had repaired as many vessels in a single year.



The company has reported increased ship repairs activity from the Greek market following its appointment of Resolute Maritime Services as its agents in Greece.

A vessel docked for repairs

A vessel docked for repairs

One of the leading owners from Greece, Maran Tankers Management, sent their VLCC for docking where, in addition to routine dry-docking jobs and hull treatment, it had an owner-supplied Becker Mewis Duct installed, the company said in its report for May.

“This is the 12th duct Asry has installed, and second on a VLCC, which only required a record 10 days for complete installation, proving their proficiency in that field,” Asry said in a statement.

May also saw the extensive dry-docking repairs of Singapore-owned offshore supply/tug Jaya Concordia, including the installation of a Tank Sounding System which is a new mandatory requirement of Saudi Aramco. There was also a first-time client in Asry as Germany’s International Tanker Management took their chemical/products tanker HC Dalia there and had treatment carried out in two of her ballast tanks. Also significant steel, mechanical and piping jobs were done during her stay at the yard.

On the offshore side at Asry, four units are currently being repaired. Three from Saudi Aramco and one from Focus Energy in India. The Arabiyah 1, Arabiyah 3 and ARB-2 are all in for five-year surveys, steel work, and accommodation renewals. Meanwhile the Jupiter-1, which was previously stacked, is being reactivated and repaired.

The third main division, Construction and Engineering, expanded their design and engineering services portfolio with design assessments for fitting large cranes on Saudi Aramco vessels, engineering the Tank Sounding System installed on the Jaya Concordia and engineering the Camellia stainless steel pressure vessels to ASME Sec VIII Division 1, for construction at the yard. Also, the pre-installation engineering for ballast water treatment installation using 3D scanning was carried out on two more KOTC ships off Fujairah and Kuwait, thus completing 3D scanning on seven ships.

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