A Dewa office

A Dewa office

Dewa, CESI to push for green power

June 2014

DUBAI Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has signed a contract with CESI Middle East FZE to provide consultancy services related to connecting renewable energy generators to the Dewa grid.

The connection is part of three key initiatives by Dewa to achieve the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world and enhance quality of life and sustainable development.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and chief executive officer of Dewa, said Dewa is committed to implementing the Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative and the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, both part of Sheikh Mohammed’s vision.

The Integrated Energy Strategy is focused on diversifying Dubai’s energy mix so that by 2030, 71 per cent of Dubai’s total power output will come from gas, 12 per  cent from nuclear power, 12 per cent from clean coal and 5 per cent from solar power.

“By working to achieve these noble goals, we are ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for the citizens and residents of Dubai for generations to come,” said Al Tayer.

The official said Dewa is actively contributing to building Dubai as a smart city through three new smart initiatives to achieve sustainable development, the first of which was having solar panels on roofs.

To encourage households and building owners to install photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity and use it locally in buildings, Dewa will connect these panels to the grid and buy any excess generated, encouraging the use of renewable energy and increasing its share in the energy mix.

The second initiative was having Smart Grids and Smart Applications and the third was the construction and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. The infrastructure and locations of the stations will be identified in coordination with relevant authorities. This initiative puts Dubai as the first in the region to have such a scheme and promotes the emirate’s role in energy sustainability, said Al Tayer.



“CESI is honoured to assist Dewa with this strategic step in the development of Dubai’s energy strategy,” said Dr Matteo Codazzi, CEO of CESI.

“This agreement clearly proves that Dewa strongly supports making renewable energy a key component of the emirate’s energy supply mix, reflecting a praiseworthy long-term commitment to significant investments that will maximise the potential of its power grid. Leveraging on its established expertise in the Middle East, and on its global network of skilled professionals, CESI will help Dewa in ensuring that the integration of renewable energy projects best serves the goals of the government’s green agenda, through further contributing to energy stability and sustainability.”

The main objectives of the project are to assist Dewa with launching its distributed renewable connection programme and further stabilising Dubai’s energy supply.

In three stages, CESI will provide strategic counsel on numerous components of grid management and distributed renewable connectivity to solar energy from Dewa’s distribution grid. The companywill create Dewa’s in-house ability to manage the interaction of its grid with renewable energy projects.

CESI is a world leading technical consulting and engineering company with over 50 years’ experience in several areas including: transmission and interconnections, smart grids for distribution, renewables, testing, certification and quality assurance.

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