Alba workers checking billets

Alba workers checking billets

Alba output, sales volumes up

01 May 2014

ALUMINIUM Bahrain (Alba) kick started 2014 on a solid note with sales figures for the first quarter rising 3.1 per cent year-on-year (YoY) to 226,472  tonnes while output was up by 2.1 per cent to reach 232,298 tonnes ahead of the company’s own forecast for the period.

The company closed Q1 with an average of 66 per cent in value-added sales.

Commenting on the sales and production figures, Alba’s chief executive officer, Tim Murray, said: “The underlying physical demand and premiums remains very strong. Alba was able to deliver on its marketing strategy as a way to contribute to the bottom line despite lower LME prices.” The company will release its first-quarter 2014 financial results to the public on May 8, 2014.

Alba has upgraded its Potline 4 to AP36 technology following the increase in line current of 355 kA to 360 kA.

The upgrade in the line current in the potline – which started operations in 1992 with a line current of 295 kA – is part of Alba’s initiative to boost its performance levels across the plant. The upgrade will add 4,000 tonnes a year.

The accomplishment was achieved by an internal team comprising members from the power, carbon operations and maintenance, process control and development and reduction operation and maintenance departments.



Murray: delivering on strategy

Murray: delivering on strategy

Alba, a key player in the aluminium industry, will host the 18th International Arab Aluminium (Arabal) Conference in November 2014 under the theme “GCC: An Aluminium Powerhouse”. Bahrain will be hosting Arabal for the fourth time and this year it is expected to attract more than 700 delegates including key decision-makers and industry leaders from all sectors of the aluminium industry in the region and across the world.

Alba has been presented with the International Safety Award for 2013 by the British Safety Council.

Competing with over 500 organisations spanning all sectors from the UK, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and West Indies, the smelter won the honour for its commitment and determination to prevent workplace injuries and maintain the health and well-being of its workforce.

The award was received by Alba’s chief operations officer, Isa Al Ansari, at a ceremony held in the UK.

The smelter celebrated a notable milestone recently when it achieved 2,000,000 work hours without Loss Time Injury (LTI).

 The executive management team congratulated all employees on their involvement in the success and praised them for their proactive attitude and commitment towards safety. 

“I congratulate each and every employee for helping Alba achieve this outstanding success, which is a testimony that safety at Alba is not merely a regulatory requirement but is embedded in our work culture,” said Murray.  

The company continues to hone the skills of its senior staff and recently it launched a three-day programme on “Leadership Practices 360 Feedback Process” for all its executives and managers as part of the Executive Education series for 2014.

The French delegation during a meeting at Alba

The French delegation during a meeting at Alba

Delivered by Prof Richard Daft from Vanderbilt University, US, the talk was devised to enable Alba’s leaders identify their strengths for improvement, and involved intensive self-assessment and inputs from co-workers over the course of the programme.

Murray commented that executive education plays a critical part of the company’s leadership strategy “which enables our management team to compete on the global level.”

Alba invited more than 150 of its local, regional and international customers and suppliers to experience the Formula One Grand Prix at a special lounge dedicated to it as part of a three-year partnership with the Bahrain International Circuit.

A gala dinner was hosted for its guests at a high-profile restaurant attended by members of the executive management team. “We value the partnership with our customers and suppliers in strengthening Alba’s reputation as one of the leading aluminium smelters in the world. The company places great focus on customer service and it is our pleasure to host them to enjoy this prestigious sporting event, which has raised Bahrain’s profile internationally, said Murray.

Alba’s guests were also given a tour of the smelter and shown its state-of-the-art production processes as well as developments over the past 40 years, including its commitment to safety and the environment.



Alba officials gather at the company’s newly renovated gate area

Alba officials gather at the company’s newly renovated gate area

Alba welcomed a French business team and a UK parliamentary delegation.

The French delegation comprising 30 industrial and business entrepreneurs visited the smelter for a familiarisation of the company’s operations and practices.

The delegation, led by French ambassador Christian Testot and trade counsellor Frederic Mettetal, was received by Murray, chief marketing officer Jean Baptiste Lucas and chief financial officer Ali Al Baqali.

The team was given a tour of the smelter and shown the state-of-the-art production processes that have enabled Alba to maintain its status as one of the region’s major aluminium smelters. At a presentation, the company’s development over the past 40 years and its commitment to safety and environment were highlighted.

The UK parliamentary mission was made up of Labour party members from the House of Lords and House of Commons. The delegation members  – Lord Noon, Lord Clive Soley, Hazel Blears, Patricia Janet, Baroness Scotland of Asthal and Lord Patel – visited Bahrain to familiarise themselves with the country and with Bahrain’s industry leaders.

They were welcomed by Murray and other senior company officials and given a full tour of all Alba operations and briefed about its production processes.

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