ABB offers PEMS for offshore platforms

01 March 2014

OFFSHORE platform operators have been introduced to monitoring and other solutions they can import from ABB, the global power and automation technology group, and its unit Ventyx, to ensure energy efficiency for their operations. 

ABB’s flagship system, Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS), a monitoring system that uses artificial intelligence to reduce environmental impact, was the focal point at the Mena Offshore Platforms event in Abu Dhabi.

Christian Cravedi, vice president, ABB’s Industry Solutions business in the Gulf, said: “The need for a proven path to operational excellence has never been greater given challenges such as meeting regulatory pressures, operating aging assets and drilling in harsher environments.

“We have to take care of our main assets – the employees, infrastructure and knowledge. We have to put them in the best and safest condition to operate.”

Cravedi said Ventyx believes safety-related incidents can be prevented by leveraging intelligent, automated systems designed to capture data, learn from events, and optimise production. “Saving lives and the environment through safe assets and safe production is our focus at ABB,” he added.

Ventyx hosted a pre-conference workshop on ‘Managing Process Safety Challenges’ while ABB presented a technical paper on ‘Combining analytics and process automation for enhanced emission control strategies: PEMS at work’.

ABB’s team from the oil, gas and petrochemical and measurement products explained why acquiring proper, reliable and timely information about actual emission levels is crucial to deploying adequate control actions and meeting stringent legislation.

The team from Ventyx conducted a session on managing environmental risk of complex oil, gas and chemicals operations.

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