Sabit to diversify product range

March 2014

SAUDI Bitumen Industries Company (Sabit), one of the largest manufacturers of bitumen and waterproofing products in Saudi Arabia, has achieved success in the GCC region and the wider Middle East.

It seeks to diversify its product range to enhance market appeal.

The company, which this year marks two decades of service to the construction and industrial sector, focuses on the manufacture of all types of waterproofing membranes, oxidised bitumen, road bitumen, emulsion bitumen and bituminous paints.

In addition, it provides different types and degrees of bitumen related to laying of roads and bridges which suit different weather conditions.

Sabit, founded in 1994 as a 100 per cent Saudi capital, is located in the Second Industrial City in Riyadh, Phase Three. Its plant has been fitted with the latest machinery and equipment procured from the most specialised European companies.

Staffed with 120 highly-efficient employees with extensive experience, Sabit has developed a laboratory fitted with the latest equipment and operated by specialists to test the products and ensure that they are of high quality and conform to the international standards such as UEAEC, EN, ASTM, BS, Afnor and DIN.

The company ensures that the raw materials used in the manufacture of its products are imported from reputed international suppliers who follow international standards.

“Sabit seeks to diversify its products and guarantee that a focus on high quality underpins any work carried out in the factory,” says a spokesman for the company. “All employees are responsible for the quality of the work they carry out on a daily basis. This is achieved through the application of the quality assurance system designed to ensure that all requirements under the ISO 9001 – 2008 are met.”

The company’s products have been specified by the relevant authorities and ministries in the homeland and abroad, he adds.

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