Jammoul: exciting times

Jammoul: exciting times

Smartworld leveraging aviation growth

March 2014

SMARTWORLD, a leading master systems integrator and next-generation ICT service provider in the Middle East, has expressed confidence in leveraging its Special Airport Systems (SAS) offerings across the Middle East region’s rapidly growing aviation segment.

The company’s SAS solutions have been designed to meet the current demands and requirements for advanced, cutting-edge, ICT technology of the region’s aviation segment. Smartworld’s upbeat attitude complements a recent report from the International Air Transport Association forecasting that the Middle East will lead global aviation growth in the next four years.

Industry analysts have revealed that the UAE is looking to play a major role in the expected growth by upgrading and expanding its aviation capabilities. In fact, Dubai is investing over Dh28 billion ($7.6 billion) and Abu Dhabi Dh25 billion in the upgrade and further development of their airport infrastructure and systems. Also, the Middle East region as a whole has detailed Dh700 billion for airport development activities. In line with all these expected developments, Smartworld’s SAS offerings bring on board a vast amount of knowledge and experience in airport systems integration and its eventual infrastructure services management. The company is known to work closely with leading systems providers in the aviation industry to ensure that airports, airlines and ground handlers remain focused on their core businesses. To date, Smartworld has successfully implemented projects for airports like the newly opened Al Maktoum International Airport (AMIA) and Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 2.

“These are exciting times for the Middle East region’s aviation industry, which is expected to drive in continuous growth over the next few years. However, this growth is accompanied with the increased demand for more advanced, cutting-edge ICT technology to help facilitate improved airport operations,” said Wesam Jammoul, projects and consultancy services director, Smartworld.

 “Looking to address this challenge, Smartworld is confident in leveraging its SAS offerings across the region’s aviation segment. Our leading position combined with our unique value offerings for airports allows for full integration among the different airport systems and facilitates a seamless flow of information and enhanced operations.”

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