Extrusion grade for EcoPaXX

March 2014

ROYAL DSM has added a higher viscosity extrusion grade to its portfolio of EcoPaXX polyamide 410 for the film, fibre and monofilament markets following the polymer’s successful adoption by the market of injection moulding applications. The new grade is designed to support customers who appreciate the excellent thermal stability, broad processing range and very good melt strength of EcoPaXX.

Kees Tintel, business manager EcoPaXX, says: “The successful development of EcoPaXX is a clear example of DSM’s commitment to sustainability. Following its market introduction and subsequent development and commercialisation of applications, DSM has now increased its polymer production to full industrial scale. Moreover, the production can be expanded further, allowing DSM to fully meet customer demands.”

DSM started to develop EcoPaXX, its bio-based polyamide 410 product range in 2009, followed by its market introduction in 2010. EcoPaXX was welcomed by many customers immediately. Today it is being used in a wide range of applications that benefit from its unique combination of excellent properties and green heritage.

In the automotive market, EcoPaXX is successfully used in covers for turbo engines by Daimler, BMW and Bentley, mainly because of its unique combination of high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and high quality surface. VW selected EcoPaXX for use in one of its latest engines for a crankshaft cover, where heat- and chemical resistance, together with dimensional stability are key requirements. EcoPaXX is also extremely resistant to polar media, such as cooling liquids.

It is being used in insulating profiles for aluminium windows as well.

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