Vessels on floating docks at Asry

Vessels on floating docks at Asry

Recent Asry jobs include conversion

01 March 2014

ASRY announced it recently completed a conversion job and accomplished repairs to several vessels.

Zamil Offshore Services (Saudi Arabia)’s AHT vessel Zamil 502 was converted to a field commissionary supply vessel. The work included full design, study and analysis done by its Asry Consultancy Services division.

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company’s crude oil tanker Kazmiah III had its main engine overhauled and a gas emission monitory system installed. The consultancy division conducted a ballast water hammer study. On the bulk carrier Meteor of Germany’s Orion Bulkers GmbH, Asry performed bottom grounding damage repairs and completed steel renewal of approximately 90 tonnes in the fore of the vessel.

The product tanker Ribe Maersk of Maersk Tankers, Denmark, had an overhaul of its main engine, valves, windlass and winches. Fabrication of the Pirate Reinforcement Protection system was done along with a boiler and EGB survey.

Odfjell Management Norway’s chemical carrier Bow Fagus underwent treatment of hits hull and four topside tanks. Additionally a Mewis Duct was installed, a cylinder oil tank modified and the main engine overhauled.

Asry’s services will expand further when a 2,000 sq m service centre for life boats, life rafts and firefighting and lifesaving appliances built by Solas Marine Services Group gets ready for work by September.

Asry is investing in more third-parties setting up in the yard, with a view to boosting its reputation as a one-stop solution for all marine repairs.

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