A view of the EXflex scaming receiver

A view of the EXflex scaming receiver

PCTEL adds new features for SeeGull EXflex

01 December 2013

PCTEL Inc, a leader in simplifying wireless and site solutions for private and public networks, has announced the addition of Blind Scan and LTE Layer 3 features to its innovative SeeGull EXflex scanning receiver. These features further enhance the capability of the fully programmable EXflex scanning receiver, which can test all major wireless technologies and bands worldwide in a single, cost-effective unit.

PCTEL’s multi-technology Blind Scan enhances the efficiency of network testing operations through full-band search and automatic detection of active channels. This allows field engineers to skip the time-consuming process of manually acquiring an accurate channel list and get straight to testing. It is particularly valuable for in-building testing and benchmarking applications where obtaining channel information for all network operators is often problematic. Blind Scan is now available for all major network technologies, including LTE FDD, TD-LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, EV-DO, and TD-SCDMA.

SeeGull EXflex’s Layer 3 measurements for LTE FDD and TD-LTE provide mobile operators the information required to manage and verify the network settings of their LTE networks using a single high-performance device. This enables mobile operators to improve network operation by reducing handover failures and validating system information about the cell, allowing operators to troubleshoot issues in the radio access network.  

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