The company’s new DataTuff TC Cat 5e cord sets have RJ45 connectors

The company’s new DataTuff TC Cat 5e cord sets have RJ45 connectors

Belden unveils DataTuff cord sets

The new cord sets easily route industrial Ethernet cables in the most demanding heavy-industry environments with 600 V cable trays generating safety and operational delays

01 December 2013

Belden Inc, a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has announced DataTuff TC Cat 5e cord sets with TC Listed industrial Ethernet cable.

These 600 V TC 1277 rated Cat 5e cord sets, with RJ45 connectors, are the first to address a long-standing challenge-the ability to easily route industrial Ethernet cables in the most demanding heavy-industry environments using existing 600 V cable trays. These cord sets reduce the cost of installation and reduce the risk of field failure, with the attendant costs of operational downtime and potential safety issues.

As heavy equipment migrates to Ethernet controls, it is important to make sure that communications signals travel with a minimum of interference, physical or electrical, through the plant or field installation. The new DataTuff cord sets fit the bill. Standard commercial cabling is not robust enough for the demanding, mission-critical environments of the industrial world. Standard industrial-grade Ethernet cable is designed to address the needs of industrial applications but is unable to be routed in cable trays. The latter has caused plant engineers to develop creative, but not always acceptable or reliable, ways of routing cable through a plant.

The DataTuff TC Cat 5e shielded cable can be easily deployed in pre-existing 600 V cable trays for cost-effective installation. This cabling solution also offers a family of 600 V AWM connectivity solutions that provide the easy transition from the cable tray to the applications within NEC-rated enclosures. IP20 shielded Cat 5e and Cat 6 cord set extensions, IP20 Din Rail mounted couplers, and IP20 shielded Cat 5e and Cat 6 cord sets are all available for convenient direct connection with equipment and devices.



“DataTuff TC is a breakthrough in cable technology that addresses a very real need. It can be the solution that bridges the gap between ‘if only’ and ‘let’s do it’ for Ethernet deployment in a number of heavy industrial applications,” said Frank Koditek, Belden industrial cables product line manager.

To create the new DataTuff TC cord sets, Belden brought its resources to bear to engineer a cable that is fully compliant with Category 5e requirements of TIA 568-C.2. It uses 18 AWG conductors to provide the 600 V TC 1277 rating required for routing through 600 V cable trays. This cable is created to the same exacting standards as other DataTuff products, using Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair technology for the most robust electrical performance.

Due to the unique design characteristics, this TC-rated solution is also applicable for heavy industrial mobile equipment, machinery and vehicle deployment. The expansion of Ethernet control systems in mobile applications in harsh and extreme environments requires a cable system that will not fail in the worst conditions.  

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