A Ducab production facility

A Ducab production facility

Ducab to produce rubber cables

The company has gained in stature following its success in diversifying its product range and supplying major projects including Al Maktoum International Airport

01 December 2013

Middle East cables manufacturer Ducab announced plans to be the first in the region to produce rubber cabling for theoffshore market.

“Ducab looks forward to becoming the first manufacturer of rubber cables in the Middle East region, as the company seeks to meet demand for special cabling from the region’s push for industrialisation,” said Andrew Shaw, the company’s managing director  on the occasion of the Adipec show in Abu Dhabi.

Shaw also said Ducab will expand into new global markets for its various types of cables.

Elaborating on the rubber range, Colin McKay, general manager for sales and marketing, said the range had been designed to provide exceptional flexibility in terms of usage. “Cabling insulated with rubber has the ability to withstand extreme heat, a variety of corrosive chemicals, exposure to oil, extreme acid and alkaline environments, very high and low temperatures – with rubber cabling having a maximum conductor operating temperature of 200 degrees Celsius – and other extreme and heavy-duty demands.

“This makes Ducab’s new range of cables ideal for usage in a variety of industrial sectors such as railways, shipbuilding, oil and gas, offshore and mining projects, submersible water pump systems, wind turbines and solar plants,” explained McKay.

The official noted that Ducab had a history of supplying major projects for the oil, gas and petrochemical sector. It partnered Hyundai Engineering and Construction for the KOC Pipeline Project and Samsung Engineering for the Carbon Black Project in Abu Dhabi, among other parties to supply projects.

Ducab recently announced it played a key role in the construction of Al Maktoum International Airport, implementing Dh100 million ($26.2 million) worth of cables and wiring work.

The company supplied cabling throughout the five years it took to construct Al Maktoum International Airport, and its reputation as the largest supplier of industrial cabling in the Middle East goes hand-in-hand with what has been a huge project, said McKay. “This will further enhance the company’s already established reputation as one of the largest suppliers of industrial cabling in the Middle East, as well as further cementing its status as a trusted UAE business,” he added.

Construction of the airport has been one of the largest infrastructure projects of recent times in the UAE. Most of the cabling and wiring required for the project including LV, building wire and a variety of specialist cabling was manufactured by Ducab.

The company partnered with Al Nabooda Group, Kharafi National, and Thermo, in order to ensure its efficient and effective delivery.

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