RSCC Nuclear Cable has wide experience in the nuclear power plant industry

RSCC Nuclear Cable has wide experience in the nuclear power plant industry

Marmon supplying Gulf projects

Contracts Marmon affiliates have received for two Gulf projects constitute big wins and demonstrate that their expertise has been recognised in the region

01 December 2013

Affiliates of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable have won contracts to supply products to two major projects in the Gulf – Sadara Chemical, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s nuclear energy programme, UAE.

Marmon affiliates RSCC Wire & Cable of East Granby, Connecticut, and Dekoron Wire Cable of Mt Pleasant, Texas, were awarded contracts to supply high-performance cables to the Sadara Chemical joint venture megaproject involving Dow Chemical and Saudi Aramco.

RSCC Nuclear Cable will begin manufacturing safety-related class E cables this year for delivery to the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy programme.

Dekoron Wire & Cable produces custom TC-ER cables for instrumentation applications. These digital fieldbus cables are offered in single end up to 24 pair count multi-conductor product types.

RSCC, through its Exane Business unit, will provide the Saudi Aramco project its VITALink 2000 power, control and instrumentation fire rated cables.  Robert Canny, vice president and general manager, said “VITALink 2000 cables were selected because of their performance capabilities in a catastrophic petrochemical fire. These cables will be used for all critical, life safety and emergency circuits at the plant such as emergency lighting, fire alarms and Emergency Isolation Valves (EIV’s).”

Greg Smith, subsector president, said orders received during 2013 that carry over into the first quarter of 2014 represent in excess of $12 million in sales.  “This clearly demonstrates Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable’s ability to coordinate unique capabilities of our operating companies - in this case Dekoron and RSCC-Exane-to satisfy the comprehensive programme needs of a customer,” said Smith.

According to recent statements by Dow and Saudi Aramco, the two companies will invest $19 billion to establish 26 manufacturing units in Al Jubail, Sadara, to produce ethylene and polyethylene chemical products.

RSCC was selected to supply safety-class cables to the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec)-managed project consisting of four APR-1400 reactors currently pending regulatory approval. RSCC was competitively chosen on technical merit to provide power, instrumentation, and control cables that have been qualified to international safety standards for a 60-year design life, even in the event of a severe accident or design basis event (DBE).

The company has supplied the nuclear energy industry continuously for over 40 years, longer than any other cable-maker. In addition to supplying cables to every reactor in North America, RSCC supplies reactors in more than a dozen countries throughout Asia, Europe, and South America. RSCC has also provided safety-related cables to large US government nuclear facilities and has qualified safety-related cables for more nuclear applications than any other company in the world.

“RSCC is pleased to be selected for the UAE peaceful nuclear energy programme. RSCC has successfully met or exceeded all tests requirements to date, and we are confident about our ability to complete and pass remaining tests on time to meet all customer and regulatory expectations and requirements,” said Steven Bonnell, president of RSCC Wire & Cable.

“The investment in high-quality cable today is an investment in a safe, reliable plant tomorrow. Verification of cable integrity is critical to meeting long-term performance standards, and nobody has more experience with nuclear cable qualifications than RSCC,” said Dennis Chalk, president of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable.

Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable is part of the Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company.  In addition to RSCC and Dekoron, operating companies include in the US Aetna Insulated Wire, Cable USA, Comtran Cable, Gendon Polymer Services, Harbour Industries, Hendrix, Kerite, Owl Wire, RSCC Aerospace & Defense, TEW&C, Unitherm; and in India, Radiant-RSCC Specialty Cable.

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