Low toxity gel from Prime launched

01 December 2013

PRIME Resins Inc, a Barton Industries company, has announced the launch of Prime Flex AR 800, a low toxicity acrylate gel used for leak seal and soil stabilisation. AR 800 is a multi-component system developed using an advanced, non-toxic, aqueous solution of multifunctional acrylate monomers. The components include the AR 800 resin, Prime Set TEA, Prime Set SP and water. The acrylate monomers are reacted in the presence of water and the previously listed additives to produce various elastomeric gel consistencies. This product is ideal for use in manholes, utility vaults, below grade buildings, dams, and more.

The advantages of the AR 800 are that it has a low toxicity, operates in the same equipment as acrylamide grouts, swells slightly in the presence of water, penetrates easily into sewer joints and most soils with very low viscosity, is not flammable or explosive, and has variable set times over hydrophilic polyurethane gels. Add to this that clean-up is as easy as using soap and water, and the Prime Flex AR 800 is a contractor’s dream for leak seal and soil stabilisation.

Founded in 1982, Prime Resins Inc formulates and manufactures epoxy injection resins, floor coatings, bonders, binders, and polyurethane chemical grouts. Its headquarters, laboratory, and 48,000 sq ft manufacturing and warehouse facility are located in the Atlanta suburb of Conyers, Georgia.

“Prime Resins is committed to providing outstanding service to the concrete repair industry by developing new and innovative products, and by being actively involved in industry associations,” a company statement says.

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