MicroScope HD successfully identifies fracture zones

MicroScope HD successfully identifies fracture zones

MicroScope HD cuts drilling risks

The new technology is a boon to the oil and gas industry, providing valuable imaging insight into reservoirs

01 December 2013

Schlumberger has announced the release of the MicroScope HD high-definition imaging-while-drilling service.

The MicroScope HD service provides unmatched logging-while-drilling (LWD) imaging for reservoir description to enable detailed fracture characterisation and completion optimisation in conductive drilling fluids for all well types, including horizontal and highly deviated wells.

“This newly developed MicroScope HD technology provides detailed imaging of the formation to help prevent drilling risks, optimise completion design and potentially increase production,” said Steve Kaufmann, president, drilling and measurements, Schlumberger.

The MicroScope HD service enables detailed formation structural modeling to identify fracture orientation that contributes to production. For fracture characterisation, the MicroScope HD service delivers dimensions of fractures, which provides geologists a better understanding of the fracture network.

The MicroScope HD service has been field tested extensively. In the Middle East, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) was experiencing heavy mud losses while drilling a well in an onshore carbonate reservoir. The MicroScope HD service provided high-definition images to accurately identify intervals with mud losses, which enabled PDO to isolate the challenging zones and optimise the completion design.

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