New Simotics XP motors of the 1MB1 series are highly reliable in challenging environments

New Simotics XP motors of the 1MB1 series are highly reliable in challenging environments

New motors display toughness

01 December 2013

SIEMENS Drive Technologies Division is expanding its Simotics XP portfolio with new explosion-proof motors complete with cast-iron housings. These expand the existing 1MB1 series which has only been available until now with aluminium housings. Rugged designs in cast iron make the new motors highly reliable in the challenging environments of the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries in particular. Apart from the Basic Line 1MB15, a second version is available for the process industry as the Performance Line 1MB16 which is characterised by reinforced bearings, thermistor motor protection and an extended warranty period of 36 months.

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, stringent requirements are placed on explosion-proof motors. In challenging environments in particular, the ruggedness of the cast-iron housing that Siemens is now offering in the form of the new 1MB15/16 series is essential. The new quasi-standard, explosion-proof motors are available in “dust explosion protected” (Ex t) and “non-sparking” (Ex nA) versions and are therefore ideally suited to operation in areas at risk of dust explosion of Zones 21 and 22 and areas at risk of gas explosion of Zone 2.

The motors are also available in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 and therefore fulfill current and future requirements for energy efficiency. In class IE3, they consume up to 10 per cent less energy than IE1 motors and therefore reduce energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions by the same amount.

Retention of the well-proven design of the standard 1LE1 motor series has ensured familiar operation and handling. The motors are also easy to connect and easy to commission. There is no change in shaft height between efficiency classes, so the existing motor series can be easily replaced with the new series. This simplifies engineering as well as retrofits.

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