Jotun launches fire protection product

01 December 2013

JOTUN Paints, one of the world’s leading producers and distributors of paints and protective coatings, has launched its latest mesh-free Passive Fire Protection (PFP) product, Jotachar JF750.

A key feature of Jotachar JF750, launched at Adipec, is a reduction in both installation time and material costs when installed across offshore and onshore facilities as compared to utilising epoxy PFP systems that require additional mesh enforcement.

The new product was developed to address the demands and requirements of local offshore operators, seeking stronger protection from jet fires for their offshore assets and ensuring compliance with stringent international offshore safety standards. Another requirement currently presented by onshore refinery owners is the production of jet fire capable PFP materials that conform with ISO 22899, which is the standard that helps determine the resistance of PFP materials to jet fires.

“Jotachar JF750 is the only mesh-free epoxy intumescent coating solution available in the market where jet fire protection is required for safety critical steel structures, divisions and vessels,” said Andy Czainski, global PFP sales director – performance coatings, Jotun. “Major yards and professional PFP applicators have immediately seen the benefits of this breakthrough technology, saying that Jotachar JF750 will be a game changer for them and the industry as a whole. Jotachar JF750 mesh free incorporates an advanced fibre matrix system in the material. This technology, combined with a robust and temperature stable insulating char, eliminates the need for additional mesh reinforcement, reducing complexity and making it significantly faster to apply, saving on both time and cost.”

Recent testing has shown that Jotachar JF750 demonstrates exceptional jet fire performance in the ISO 22899 test –proving steel protection against jet fire for up to two hours without the need for any additional mesh reinforcement, an industry first. Jotachar JF750 has also passed critical four-bar blast overpressure tests without the need for additional reinforcing mesh. This proves Jotachar JF750 withstands severe explosion and blast forces with no detachment.

Jotachar JF750 is also fully compliant with Norsok M-501 Revision 6, a global standard considered by industry professionals as the most rigorous durability and corrosion standard.

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