JV will make aerosols in Sharjah

01 December 2013

UAE-based firm Scitra has linked up with Colep of Europe to start an aerosol contract manufacturing facility in Sharjah.

The new joint venture firm will operate under the name of Colep Scitra Aerosols. Scitra is part of the Albatha Group, while Colep, an RAR group company, is a global leader in the consumer goods packaging and contract manufacturing industries. With a turnover of 543 million euros ($737.6 million) in 2012, Colep employs around 3,600 people in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Spain, Mexico and the UK.

Both the companies will invest in the expansion and improvement of an existing Scitra aerosol filling plant in Sharjah, aligning it with international standards required by multi-national brands within the personal care and home care industries, a statement said.

The parties will bring their respective expertise and knowledge of the regional and international markets to the new venture. The JV will thus create a first class operation that will serve the Pafta (Pan Arab Free Trade Area) and Comsea (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) countries of the Middle East and Africa, said a statement.

Peter Ingelse, managing director of the consumer products division of Colep, said: “This new venture with our partners in the Middle East further extends Colep’s ability to serve our customers across the globe and offer supply nearer to their markets.”

Robin Smythe, managing director of Albatha Home and Personal Care, stated: “In joining forces with Colep, we will be able to offer current and future customers with world-class manufacturing closer to the market, an improved supply chain, shorter lead-times, a reduced inventory and improved reaction times to changing demands among other benefits.”

Albatha Group, one of the largest conglomerates in UAE, comprises 25 companies spread across seven industry sectors including automotive, consumer, engineering, home products, real estate, healthcare, household and personal care.

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