Alstom offers mobile service

01 December 2013

ALSTOM’S new mobile facility for transformer on-site repairs, refurbishments, redesigns and high voltage tests has been unveiled in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

It consists of a mobile enclosure to repair active parts of transformers in a controlled environment, advanced drying equipment and a container-sized high voltage testing module for diagnostic and repair.

Large power transformers and special transformers of all type and origin, up to 400 kV and 500 MVA, can now benefit on site from this facility.

The new facility will help customers reduce outage and down time compared to other options, while eliminating costs and risks associated with heavy transport.

Supported by Alstom’s power transformer know-how and experience, the mobile workshop and dedicated team offer an alternative solution to failure or poor transformer performance issues.

Petroleum Development Oman, a hydrocarbon exploration and production company, has signed for a $1 million contract to rewind a rectifier transformer at site, which is the first contract.

Hamed Heyhat, Alstom’s regional managing director for grid service, said: “Proximity is essential for ensuring optimal performance of our customers’ assets. Bringing the best of Alstom’s technical competence on site, for a key asset like transformers, will deliver a quick and accurate response to customer needs in the region”.

Alstom Grid offers services to optimise the electrical infrastructure, increase return on investment, and improve the lifecycle cost of existing electrical grids. Teams provide service expertise in network design and asset consultancy, condition-monitoring asset management, predictive maintenance, emergency support or long-term service contracts.

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