Jotun Lady Design offers six collections

01 September 2013

JOTUN’S Lady Design brand, created in collaboration with interior designer Mona Hussein and which was launched earlier this year, offers six new collections aimed at empowering Jotun consumers to present their distinct personalities on the walls of their homes.

The collections offer them a means to show off their individual sense of style, said Hussein. “With a wall design you could easily replicate the effect of an expensive art piece. It’s also great if you need to add texture to a space. With design wall paints it’s so easy to replicate a natural material at a reasonable cost, and best of all it’s changeable so you can always replace and update it quite easily whenever you get a bit bored.”

Lady Design offers six distinctive collections of style, colour, texture and inspiration – Rustic, Oceanic, Modern, Galleria, Historic and Elegance.

Claudio Iurilli, Jotun regional marketing director, Middle East, India, and Africa, explains that the Elegance collection provides a hint of Arabic vintage, a touch of glamour and the rich warmth of glowing metal effects.

The various luxurious designs in the Elegance collection include precious metals, golden pixels, mosaic, tarnished metal and rusted copper.

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