EAS-Cargo to use CCN platform

The cargo firm is advancing and use of a savvy technology platform will only upgrade the business experience

01 September 2013

Etihad Airport Services – Cargo (EAS-Cargo), a subsidiary of Etihad Airways, is working with the Singapore-based Cargo Community Network (CCN) to rollout a new information technology platform for the Abu Dhabi cargo community.

The innovative one-stop service, named Cargo Community Service (CCS), is designed to facilitate air cargo booking and shipment processes for Abu Dhabi-based freight forwarders and clearing agents by linking them directly with air cargo carriers, ground handlers and third parties, said a statement.

Under CCS, a number of comprehensive electronic cargo services for the Abu Dhabi air cargo community will be introduced utilising a secure online portal called CCNhub.

This includes Electronic Customs Manifest and Electronic Delivery Orders (eDO) functions, which offer freight forwarders a timely and cost-effective way of submitting customs data electronically for cargo clearance, in addition to obtaining pricing information for printing delivery orders.

EAS-Cargo and CCN expect the new information technology platform services to go live in Q4 2013.

Teow Boon Ling, chief executive officer of CCN, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with EAS-Cargo as it sets about building an air cargo e-commerce environment and hub in Abu Dhabi.

“Having been in this region for the past few years, we have a good understanding of the local market requirements and practices, and with this exciting partnership we envisage the customised e-services we deliver to the Abu Dhabi cargo community will elevate the standard of air cargo services to the next level.”

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