Linden Comansa reveals latest R&D

01 September 2013

LINDEN Comansa has announced its latest R&D project is the J1-08 jacking cage, which replaces the J1, used for its 1.6 m mast sections: S12, S13, TS14, S14, TS15 and S15. The 1.6-metre-wide mast section is the standard for models 11LC132, 11LC150 and 11LC160.

The same concept used on the latest cages designed by Linden Comansa, the J8 and J2-10, has been also applied to the J1-08 cage. All of them have a minor race cylinder, so the person who handles the switchboard of the hydraulic system can also manage the climbing sequence, achieving major control and safety on the manoeuvre.

One of the main advantages of the J1-08 cage in comparison to the J1 is greater thrust capacity: up to 50 per cent more than the J1, without increasing the weight of the cage. This allows the J1-08 to be used on the cranes from the LC1600 series and the LCL 165 luffing-jib crane, when they have to be erected on internal climbing version and there is no chance to use auxiliary means.

Another advantage is easier assembly: the J1-08 is assembled with pins, it has no screws. Other features include modernisation of platforms and accesses and a modern overall look.

Also, the J1-08 can be transported in HQ containers and comes with transport protectors which are easily mountable and detachable.

Meanwhile, Linden Comansa and its South African dealer Tower Crane Services will co-exhibit together at the upcoming Bauma Africa. This tradeshow takes place at Johannesburg’s Gallagher Convention Centre from September 18 to 21.

They will erect a 21LC290 Flat-Top crane, with maximum load capacity of 12 tonnes, at a height under hook of only 15.1 m to be observed in detail by all visitors. As in every Linden Comansa crane, this model has light components for fast assembly and easy and cost-efficient transport. It features Linden Comansa’s latest innovations, such as the Effi-Plus high-speed hoist mechanisms and the PowerLift system, which allows to improve the crane’s load chart up to 10 per cent with reduced speeds.

The 21LC290 tower crane belongs to the LC2100 Series, which has recently been reviewed by Linden Comansa’s R&D team and will feature many new improvements at Bauma Africa such as frequency control on the slewing movement and the gathering of all electrical systems in one single cabinet. With this distribution, the communication between the crane operator and the service technician is highly improved during the maintenance tasks. The series includes the latest version of the “Cab Platform + Electrical Cabinet” set, with easy installation to the slewing part, for fast assembly.

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