A Delta 160 W/K heat exchanger

A Delta 160 W/K heat exchanger

Delta ‘optimised‘ solution launched

The company’s solution assures significantly smaller heat exchangers, higher energy efficiency and a reduction in operational costs

01 August 2013

Delta Electronics Inc, a world-leading fan and thermal management solutions provider, has launched its Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger series, capacity from 50 W/K to 260 W/K, which offers simple and integrated thermal solution to the outdoor cabinet in telecom application. With Delta’s advanced thermal design, this optimised solution provides customers with up to 30 per cent increase of energy efficiency to reduce operation cost in a size that is 50 per cent smaller than traditional heat exchangers. Customers benefit not only from the lower operation cost, but also from the saved space that gives their engineers flexibility when a system upgrade is needed.

“This is another successful solution of system integration made possible by synergy of Delta’s thermal expertise and telecom power cabinet design capabilities, and it fulfills Delta’s mission as well,” says Wilson Huang, general manager of the Fans & Thermal Management business group. The high efficiency thermal solution comes from integration of Delta’s patented “Pentagonal Thermal Cooling Core” and optimised fans that significantly increases heat dissipation with less power.

Delta’s Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger is designed and tested air tight and provides complete isolation protection for the systems from air contamination, dust, and humidity often seen in outdoor environment. Delta uses a highly automated manufacturing process in its production that yields-high quality products while maintaining low wastes and keeping its cost competitive. The heat exchanger is designed in compliance with IP55, TUV, CE, and UL, and has passed severe salt fog cycle tests.

Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe.

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