The QatarGas plant: an Emerson customer

The QatarGas plant: an Emerson customer

Emerson has strong ties with key firms

The US firm is not only introducing sophisticated technologies for major operations but also making available backup services through a local facility

01 August 2013

Leading Qatari companies have deployed Emerson technologies and systems in their operations, the US-based firm has said while providing an overview of its contribution to Qatar.

The global manufacturing and technology company offers products and services through its process management, industrial automation, network power, climate technologies, and commercial and residential solutions businesses.

“Emerson works with all the major participants in the Qatari oil and gas industry. Some of our Qatari customers, such as QatarGas, RasGas, QP and Q-Chem, are among the premier Emerson customers from the global perspective,” said Branko Pecar, vice president and general manager, Northern Region, Middle East and Africa.

He cited QatarGas as ‘one perfect customer” with whom Emerson has been working in implementing process automation solutions to boost and improve LNG production.

“Thousands of Emerson personnel from Europe, Asia, and North America were involved in developing technologies, devices, and software programming for the completion of QatarGas’ four onshore gas liquefaction facilities – called “mega-trains”– in Ras Laffan Industrial City. These trains are now operating with Emerson’s PlantWeb digital architecture networks, DeltaV digital automation systems and over 10,000 intelligent field devices per train,” Pecar pointed out. “Moreover, local Emerson service engineers are also providing QatarGas with asset management services, technical services, advanced skills training, and a comprehensive parts management programme.”

Pecar: big involvement with oil and gas

Emerson has been executing on a regular annual basis a number of projects for several years now. “As opposed to major greenfield projects, the majority of the projects in this year fall in the expansions, debottlenecking and migration category, but they are still significant capital expenditure projects for our Qatari customers,” said Pecar.

“Every major plant/facility in Qatar, regardless of whether we are talking about QatarGas, RasGas, QP  or any other major oil and gas upstream or downstream producer, has a significant portion of Emerson equipment embedded in their process plants.

“Our regional training centre in Qatar provides courses all year round to help our customers develop an excellent workforce equipped with technical skills to operate Emerson products and systems. Our full-time and certified instructors can also visit our customers’ site to facilitate customised courses upon request. Beside these standard industry-based training programmes, one of the major new development areas for us has been building our relationships with local universities.”

Three major Qatar-based universities –  North Atlantic College, Texas A&M and Qatar University - all have Emerson equipment installed in their labs, pilot plants and teaching workshops. Emerson says it is fully aligned with Qatar Vision 2030 which sets very ambitious plans to develop Qatari human resources for the 21st century.

Emerson has been present in Qatar for over 13 years through its local business partner Doha Petroleum Construction Company Ltd (Dopet). Following this partnership, Emerson registered a local company in 2012 and made Doha home to one of its regional headquarters that serves the Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan markets with more than 100 permanent employees and a significant number of contractor and project engineers.

In 2012, together with Dopet, Emerson opened a multi-product service centre inside the Ras Laffan Industrial complex, bringing services right on the doorstep of its customers. The facility has capabilities to support Emerson’s control systems, valves, measurement instrumentation, flow metering equipment and analysers, among other things. At the facility Emerson has a team of service engineers who provide a full array of services including start-up and commissioning, project execution, troubleshooting and repairs, turnaround services, spare parts management, and modernisation and migration services.

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