Williamson’s new inspection tool

MDS’ comprehensive detection technology is available in six sizes and continues TD Williamson’s tradition of introducing breakthrough systems

01 July 2013

TD Williamson Inc (TDW) recently launched its 20-inch Multiple DataSet (MDS) inline inspection tool containing deformation, axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), patented SpirALL MFL (SMFL), low field MFL (LFM) and XYZ mapping. The successful inspection of a 109-mile, 20-inch pipeline took place in Illinois, USA.

Combining multiple datasets in a single inspection closes the gaps inherent to individual technologies. For example, axial MFL is unable to detect anomalies that are located within the same magnetic field orientation. These include geometries such as axial grooving and slotting – crack-like anomalies and preferential seam corrosion located in the long seam. SpirALL MFL technology was designed to locate anomalies with these narrow characteristics. Additionally, by combining both axial and SpirALL MFL, distinguishing between volumetric and planar or crack-like anomalies becomes clear.

“We are very proud to introduce 20-inch MDS to the market,” says Jeff Foote, director of Pipeline Integrity Technology for TDW. “This technology is now available in six sizes and offers unsurpassed comprehensive threat detection capability.”

Characterisation is also improved for other pipeline threats when detection occurs in various technologies on the same platform. A few of these threats include: metal loss, pinholes, mechanical damage and pipe properties. Mechanical damage, which continues to be a leading threat to pipeline integrity, can now be better prioritised. MDS provides the ability to improve mechanical damage characterisation, even for very shallow (less than 1 per cent) dents, which may include re-rounding and cycling, along with metal loss. Through use of LFM as the primary data set, pipe joints can be categorised by their magnetic permeability characteristics, which helps pipeline understand the types of pipe in a particular system.

The 20-inch MDS tool continues a TDW tradition of introducing ground-breaking inline inspection technology to assist operators in improving pipeline integrity. SpirALL MFL technology was introduced in 2009, followed shortly by the first MDS platform.

Founded in 1920, TDW delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications, including: hot tapping and Stopple plugging, pipeline cleaning, integrity inspection, pigging and non-tethered pig technology for any pressurised piping system, anywhere in the world.

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