Flowtite pipes have been installed worldwide

Flowtite pipes have been installed worldwide

Pipe offers high pressure capacity

The KTI controlled test demonstrated a high degree of strength of Flowtite FRP pipe as it withstood nine times the rated pressure

01 July 2013

The KTI Pipe Group reports it has proved a point in dramatic fashion to a large group of industry professionals: that Flowtite fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) offers extraordinary pressure capacity, many times above operating requirements for the material.

In a live burst test held at their Alvarado, Texas, manufacturing plant recently, KTI conducted a controlled pressure test that clearly demonstrated the superior performance to be expected of Flowtite FRP pipe in pressure applications. More than 150 civil engineers, contractors and project owners, observed as the 24” Flowtite FRP withstood water pressure up to 1,375 psi. The pipe was rated for applications requiring 150 psi, but actually withstood more than nine times the operating pressure.

“Our purpose with the test was to educate our industry colleagues in the US about the incredible strength of Flowtite FRP pipe,” said Ken Thompson, CEO of KTI Pipe Group. “Acceptance of this material in the USA has been slow compared to other parts of the world, mainly because of misconceptions about its strength and also a lack of awareness of the Flowtite technology used in the state-of-the-art manufacturing process.“

Flowtite FRP is an engineered composite with properties that cost less than alternates such as steel, pre-stressed concrete cylinder, ductile iron pipe and various others; with lower cost and easier repair.

In addition to the pressure test, a variety of other field demonstrations were held for event attendees, including a pressure test on a 90” diameter joint, observation of a field lamination process, demonstration of a pipe sleeve repair and a hot tap demonstration on 24” FRP pipe.

Other featured information included a keynote presentation from Matt Lieser, global specifications leader at Owens Corning, who provided a global perspective on Flowtite technology and the acceptance of the material around the world. More than 95 million feet of the pipe is currently installed globally.

“As the premium on water conservation becomes a worldwide imperative, we are seeing a global shift to FRP materials,” said Lieser. “The superior strength, lighter weight and the ability of FRP to resist corrosion is saving more than 6 billion gallons of water every day, since pipe corrosion is the leading cause of water loss in water transport systems,” he said.

“Specifying FRP materials is best practice and a forward-looking approach-especially as water conservation becomes an increasing imperative.”

The event also provided an opportunity for guests to learn about other company developments, such as the upcoming addition of a ‘mega plant’ to be built in Alvarado, Texas, that will feature the most advanced 4 m machine in the world.

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