The company’s corporate centre in Pratteln, Switzerland

The company’s corporate centre in Pratteln, Switzerland

Clariant systems to the fore

The company will present at K 2013 its new branding and introduce innovations and services to bolster its triple P commitment to performance, people and the planet

01 July 2013

Switzerland-based Clariant, a world leader in speciality chemicals, has revealed the first of the new product innovations and service enhancements that are integral to its solutions for the plastics industry and which will be showcased at K 2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany, in October. Show visitors will be able to experience Clariant’s new customer- and segment-oriented approach with its commitment to performance, people and the planet at the heart of all featured developments.

“K 2013 is an exciting opportunity for Clariant to show the plastics industry the philosophy of our new branding, to prove how important the core values of performance, people and the planet are to us by bringing value creating innovations and services to our customers,” comments Christian Kohlpaintner, member of the executive committee at Clariant. “We are convinced our new approach puts us on the right path to develop and to market the products and support required to respond to the sector’s needs.”

Solutions will be firmly focused on supporting efforts by the plastics and coatings sector to achieve greater cost efficiency, improved environmental performance, and product differentiation, including AddWorks, the new branding for Clariant’s polymer additives, which will bring customers innovative solutions from the world of polymer additives. They have been developed to address specific needs for defined applications of the various segments of the plastics industry.

The company will also present solutions for engineering plastics. With a stable and reliable supply of its montan waxes and flame retardants ensured, Clariant offers outstanding performance for demanding plastics applications.

Clariant continues to expand its toolbox of cutting-edge, efficient phosphinate flame retardants with new tailor-made synergistic formulations. These include Exolit OP 1400 for polyamides with special requirements and Exolit OP 1260 for polyesters. Besides its performance in application, the Exolit OP product line is also well known for its good environmental and health profile.

From its broad portfolio of specialty waxes, Clariant will focus on the added-value for plastics manufacturers offered by montan wax specialties, such as Licomont NaV 101 and CaV 102, which significantly reduce cycle times and provide excellent release and flow properties for injection moulded polyamides and polyesters. The innovative Licocene grades are also highlighted for high-performance masterbatches.

The new AddWorks polymer additives solutions, such as Addworks ATR for automotive or Addworks ELC for E&E, will further contribute to expanding the features of engineering plastics in terms of polymer protection, process stabilisation, productivity improvement or energy savings, and will be specifically designed according to the technical and economical requirements of the different segments.

The company will present a new integrated system for liquid masterbatches. Clariant will introduce a new integrated system designed to enhance product properties and process parameters for its customers and fulfill their international service needs. Its new integrated liquid masterbatches system further extends Clariant’s developed applications for different processing environments and different polymer requirements which have been achieved over the last few years.

The global sales and service network that sells liquid and pellet masterbatches is a core element of Clariant’s liquid masterbatches system and enables Clariant to work with its customers to design a unique and advantageous granule, additive and/or liquid masterbatches solution. Customers are offered an unbiased recommendation depending on their specific situation. In addition, the global sales and service network guarantees fast and successful system installations and international product launches.

Clariant’s liquid masterbatches’ carrier technologies are designed for a variety of different polymer and production processes and, together with their dosing – and handling – systems, provide a flexible way to advance plastics. A recent development focus has been on advancing EBM monolayer production processes. Clariant’s liquid masterbatches EBM monolayer systems offer a significant reduction in colour change time, and a trouble-free and continuous manufacturing process. In addition, its liquid masterbatch technology limits the influence on product properties, achieving an excellent appearance.

Clariant is based in Muttenz with its corporate centre in Pratteln, near Basel.

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