Makrolon multi UV 3/16-20 comes with several improved features

Makrolon multi UV 3/16-20 comes with several improved features

Makrolon wonder sheet

01 July 2013

A new triple-wall sheet from Makrolon multi UV 3/16-20, Bayer MaterialScience Sheet Europe, bestows improvements including better surface quality, a co-extruded UV protective coating on both sides, optimised weight and increased bearing capacity, the company says.

The optimised triple-wall sheet is available in two standard colours, clear 2099 and white 2146, and in two standard widths of 980 and 1,200 mm. Other colours as well as the “no drop” grade are available upon request. In the “no drop” grade, the side of the sheet facing indoors has a permanent water-dispersing coating that prevents the formation of water droplets in humid conditions.

Like all Makrolon products the new multi UV 3/16-20 series is impact-resistant and stands out for being application-friendly. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for the highly effective sheets that provide weather protection, now on both sides, of the translucent multi-wall sheet. The sheets are suitable as sheeting in industrial and athletic facilities, greenhouses and private residences, as well as applications where additional glazing against impact is required. Similar to the previous model, UV 3/16-20 can be installed by cold-bending, making it a prime solution for tunnel vaults and window rows.

Bayer MaterialScience develops, produces and sells Makrolon polycarbonate sheets, Axpet and Vivak polyester sheets, as well as Bayloy high-quality plastic sheets. Applications of Bayer MaterialScience GmbH products for the construction sector include sports stadiums, train stations, sound-protection walls, and greenhouses. In the area of design and display, applications include plastic sheet for the surface protection of large displays, billboards, traffic signs and price boards. In addition, Bayer MaterialScience products can also be found in industrial applications such as protective visors, machinery protective covers, lamp covers, and housings.

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