Micralox showcased to medical device firms

01 July 2013

DCHN LLC demonstrated the exceptional chemical stability and corrosive resistance of Micralox, an innovative anodic coating, at the MD&M East trade show in the US city of Philadelphia.

Micralox is a patented aluminum oxide coating with a micro-crystalline barrier that revolutionises aluminum anodising. Micralox produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface that delivers dramatically superior chemical corrosion resistance and eliminates colour fading due to super-heated steam, and is said to be an excellent alternative to stainless steel, plastic and other materials.

David DiBiasio, sales manager for DCHN, remarked: “For medical instruments and ancillary equipment made from aluminium, the most significant trend is how to provide a protective coating to the aluminium to allow repeated washing and sterilisation, without a detrimental impact to the finish and printing on the part. This is especially true when high pH detergents are being used or when Autoclave, Sterris and Sterrad sterilisation methods are employed as these methods can strip, discolour, delaminate epoxy printing and be the cause of other in-field failures. Micralox resolves many of these issues”.

DCHN showcased how Micralox can be used by medical device companies throughout to solve corrosion and performance issues utilising aluminium for reusable medical equipment including medical instruments.

As the largest aluminum anodising and hard coater on the East Coast of the United States, DCHN has a broad range of production capabilities, starting at lab testing, to pilot/development, through production. Each production line has a wide variety of capabilities to produce anodic coatings exactly to customers’ diverse and challenging specifications. DCHN operates one of the most complete and newest production line capabilities in the country.

DCHN LLC recently received the accreditation for ISO-3485:2003, in addition to its continued accreditation to ISO-9001:2008. ISO-3485 represents the requirements that medical device manufacturers must incorporate into their management, engineering, distribution and quality systems.

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