Apparel is among several sectors where Avery Dennison has made a mark

Apparel is among several sectors where Avery Dennison has made a mark

High-tech inputs empower tags

Recently introduced solutions are reasserting Avery Dennison RBIS’ position as a world leader in RFID technologies

01 June 2013

Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), the world’s largest and leading provider for UHF radio frequency identification (RFID ) solutions, has released a newly expanded RFID portfolio which creates high-performance, cost-efficient solutions for targeted product categories (fragrances, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, houseware) and improved durability, flexibility, speed, and graphic capabilities for all categories including apparel and footwear.

Avery Dennison has worked with industry-leading partners including NXP, Impinj, and EM Marin to deliver the most versatile and high-performance RFID solutions available on the market today, addressing applications that have traditionally been hard to serve, and dramatically enhancing the creative options for RFID graphic tag designers to meet the demands of the global marketplace.

One of the company’s new solutions is making RFID tagging on metals easy. Many retailers struggle with the challenge of RFID tagging products containing metal or liquid, such as houseware, cosmetics, lotions, fragrances, and other items using metal foil in the packaging. Retailers have wanted to achieve the inventory accuracy and loss prevention benefits of RFID for these items, but these materials/surfaces interfere with the radio frequencies the RFID reader and tag use to communicate. Avery Dennison has made RFID tagging of these notoriously difficult products easy with the patent-pending AD-451m5 label that uses the Impinj Monza 5 IC RFID.

Another new solution facilitates performance-driven and versatile RFID tagging. For RFID applications that demand fast encoding, global versatility and best-in-class readability, the company has partnered with NXP to deliver two new inlays to its UHF RFID portfolio, the AD-235u7 and the AD-370u7. The inlays feature the latest gGen2 IC from NXP, the UCODE7, which delivers high performance across all global markets. Delivering the fastest encoding speed capability on the market, the UCODE7-enabled inlays are able to programme 100 items in milliseconds, enabling high-speed production of RFID tags and labels.

Other new technologies include a breakthrough RFID digital printing solution that improves graphic capability and flexibility. As retailers have integrated RFID into their existing graphic tags, they have faced creative compromises with the limitations of printed RFID tags. The new solution offers the capability to print high-quality graphic images and high-density variable information on UHF RFID integrated tags. This breakthrough utilises Avery Dennison Smart Face technology, which delivers a superior printing surface without the multiple layers found in some competitor tags, combined with excellent graphic quality delivered through Avery Dennison’s extensive digital printing capabilities. This enables apparel retailers to eliminate separate RFID tags and labels and integrate RFID technology into their existing graphic tags, without compromising design creativity. Avery Dennison is the first to offer this integrated tag solution.

Also among new solutions is RFID label durability. The company has partnered with EM Marin to expand its current RFID solutions portfolio to address customer durability needs with three new inlays, the AD-234eM, AD-382eM and AD-319eM, which include EM 4124 IC chip technology.

These new inlays are the ideal solution for printed fabric labels that are sewn into a garment at the very beginning of the manufacturing process, securely attaching the label so that the garments can be tracked from source throughout the global apparel supply chain.

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