New Delta line unique

01 June 2013

Delta Steel Technologies announced it has shipped a 1 inch by 120 inch temper mill cut-to-length line with rotary shear to a US service centre. The equipment has been engineered to process the widest, thickest material ever produced on a temper mill cut-to-length line. Delta’s temper pass cut-to-length line offers the capability to produce ultra-flat, stay-flat high-strength steel. Commissioning of the line is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2013.

The developer and pioneer of plate rotary shear technology Delta designed its unique rotary shear to eliminate the start/stop operation and significantly reduce the maintenance costs associated with other types of moving shears. The rotary shear’s ability to cut material “on the fly” can double or even triple production. The process is widely used throughout North America and Mexico and is being adopted in Europe.

The primary advantage of temper pass sheared steel plate is that trapped internal stresses are eradicated during a cold reduction process. The result is a steel sheet that will remain flat during subsequent thermal and non-thermal processes including laser, shear, waterjet and plasma cutting. Robust construction also provides a more reliable processing environment and ensures low maintenance.

With nearly 50 years of development and manufacturing experience, Delta is a leading provider of value-added metal processing solutions tailored to customers’ individual requirements. Delta also is able to optimise designs and engineer lines while incorporating customer concepts. Today, Delta continues to combine innovation, application engineering, and integrated automation to give metal service centres and steel producing mills critical competitive advantages.

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