Sabic’s headquarters in Riyadh

Sabic’s headquarters in Riyadh

Facilities just opened

01 June 2013

SABIC recently opened its first engineering thermoplastics facility and a new polypropylene compounding (PPc) plant in Jubail. 

“These new facilities allow Sabic to further enable its customers’ success by providing them greater access to the diverse portfolio of unique products from Sabic’s Innovative Plastics business, and helping them to deliver further differentiated solutions to the market,” said Mohamed Al Mady, Sabic vice chairman and CEO.

In the initial phase, the engineering thermoplastics compounding plant will produce Sabic’s Lexan, Cycoloy, Xenoy and Valox resins. These are commonly used engineering thermoplastics spanning multiple industries from consumer electronics to healthcare, from transportation to building and construction.

Sabic was recently honoured by global management consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for its globalisation achievements with a BCG 2013 Global Challengers’ Award.

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