Ridgid’s model 535 threading machine

Ridgid’s model 535 threading machine

Kavalanis display new tools

The local dealer makes available from Western manufacturers a variety of brands reputed for their innovativeness and practical use

01 June 2013

Industrial equipment supplier Kavalani & Sons of Bahrain has introduced new product lines including a portable industrial tool line from Euroboor, the Netherlands, greater diversification in the Ridgid (US) product line and new equipment for the construction industry from Sima of Spain.

With the introduction of Euroboor, Kavalani & Sons provides access to yet another high-quality European brand. The Dutch company, founded in 1977, specialises in industrial portable tools which it exports to 60 countries worldwide. “Euroboor is well known for its top-quality research and development unit as well as for its superior customer care and outstanding performance,” said Mukesh Tolaram Gandhi, managing director, Kavalani & Sons.

He went on to explain that the main advantage of the machines, over and above their portability, is their notably light weight. In addition, Euroboor tools have the extra benefits of being more economical and therefore cost-effective as all pack considerably more power than those of their competitors. Euroboor’s product range covers magnetic steel drilling machines, sawing machines, bevelling machines and annular cutters and equipment.

Euroboor Eco 100/4 magnetic
drilling machines

“These tools are all in great demand in steel engineering, plant construction and maintenance and steel fabrication jobs; in fact any job that requires cutting or drilling through steel,” said Prashant Gandhi, sales director, Kavalani and Sons.

Kavalani & Sons unveiled the latest selection of specialised tools from the American tool manufacturer Ridgid, which it has been representing as a dealer.

The new equipment includes threading machines, drain cleaning machines and diagnostics and locating equipment as well as new camera inspection systems. “Ridgid products are known for quality, strength, and endurance,” explained Prashant Gandhi. “Drain maintenance tools from Ridgid are quite popular in Europe mainly because they make the job a lot easier as do their camera inspections systems and locators which facilitate the safe location of live wire cables and pipes.”

The Kavalanis are an agent for the Spanish firm Sima,  a leader in light machinery for the construction industry that focuses on design improvements to reduce heavy-duty workloads “Our aim is to help end users by saving time, reducing manpower costs and improving productivity and efficiency,” said Devkishan Gandhi, senior director, Kavalani and Sons. 

The local firm has also brought in Sima table saws capable of cutting tiles, concrete blocks, slabs and Sima’s state-of-the-art re-bar processing equipment for cutting and bending re-bars. All Sima cutting machines come with a range of safety features and their stable floor cutting and paving equipment reduces the risks usually associated with this kind of machinery.

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