Factory to use Micro’s Tomo technology

01 June 2013

Siemens Energy has opened a facility in Charlottesville, Virginia (US) for the innovative commercial production of airfoil ceramic cores for gas turbine blades and vanes using the Tomo-Lithographic Moulding (Tomo) technology, initially developed by Mikro Systems Inc.

The advancements are expected to improve the cooling capability of gas turbine blading, thus enabling higher levels of engine performance and efficiency for future Siemens gas turbines. This technology is available to Siemens as a part of the technology license agreement with Mikro Systems.

With support from the US Department of Energy and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Mikro Systems was funded via Small Business Innovation Research grants. Mikro Systems and Siemens Energy partnered to develop the application of its patented Tomo manufacturing technology to a range of gas turbine components.

“Through our licensing agreement with Mikro Systems, we are developing for commercial application the Tomo technology that is good for the environment as well as for our customers’ budgets,” said Randy Zwirn, president and CEO of Siemens Energy Inc and CEO of the Energy Service Division.

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