GE’s Waukesha 16 V 275GL+gas engine

GE’s Waukesha 16 V 275GL+gas engine

Largest compressor on duty

The compressor features a powerful Waukesha engine that increases gas compression and yields environmental benefits

May 2013

Offering a 3 per cent increase in gas compression compared to other machines in its class, a GE Waukesha gas engine, driving the largest gas compressor of its type in China, has entered full commercial operation at the Chongqing Gas Field. The project supports China’s long-term development strategy with lower emissions, fuel flexibility, higher efficiency and reliability and is part of the country’s plans to build large-scale gas storage facilities.

Featuring one of GE’s Waukesha 16 V 275GL+gas engines with an output of 4,835 bhp at 1,000 RPM, this is the first high-speed reciprocating compressor powered by a +4,000 bhp gas engine independently developed in China. The technology is installed at a compression station owned and operated by South West Oil & Gas Company of the China NationalPetroleum Corp. The station has an output of 2.8 million cu m of natural gas per day. Located in southwestern China, Chongqing is one of the largest natural gas production bases in China.

Over a five- to 10-year period, the 3 per cent increase in gas compression represents a significant increase in the amount of gas that is compressed for pipeline transportation. In addition, the Waukesha 275GL+ natural gas engine produces lower greenhouse gas emissions relative to comparable natural gas engines. In one application, a Waukesha engine operating at the same horsepower as a competitive engine can avoid more than 1,900 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of more than 380 cars on US roads.

“GE’s Waukesha gas engines technology increases local natural gas compression and distribution while also meeting cleaner energy requirements,” said Liu Hu, director of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company Chengdu Compressor Plant, which developed the new compression package.

“Based on its successful installation and commercial startup, we anticipate that this first-of-its-kind compression station will serve as a model for future projects to help China meet a growing need for gas storage,” said Roger George, global gas compression sales leader, GE Gas Engines for GE Power & Water. “We’re confident that our gas engine technology is a good match for China’s gas compression needs and will play a key role as this sector continues to develop.”

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