Propane stimulation fluid made safe

01 May 2013

eCORP Stimulation Technologies LLC (ecorpStim), a subsidiary of eCORP International LLC (eCORP), has announced plans to deliver a propane-based technology which renders the propane stimulation fluid non-flammable. A patent application has been filed and further testing and experimentation of this technology has been initiated confirming its environmental safety and commercial viability.

ecorpStim has successfully demonstrated the use of pure liquid propane for the stimulation, or fracturing, of hydrocarbon bearing reservoir rock. The ecorpStim equipment design affords multiple layers of isolation and protection from the flammability risk associated with the use of propane and the production of natural gas, a stimulation process which is fully automated and remote controlled and in which there is no human exposure to such risks. This latest innovation by ecorpStim will further ensure the intrinsically safe operation of the liquid propane stimulation process.

This advanced version of the technology that will be used by ecorpStim represents some of the latest developments being used in residential and commercial fire protection systems. Moreover, these fire suppressants are not harmful to humans and are environmentally safe with zero ozone depletion potential.

The use of liquid propane as an alternative to water for stimulating hydrocarbon production represents a natural and environmentally safe means of oil and gas extraction. By rendering the liquid propane non-flammable, ecorpStim has significantly reduced the safety risk of using propane for these purposes in applicable circumstances.

eCORP’s chief technology officer Robert Lestz, commented, “This represents a major enhancement to non-aqueous alternatives to stimulating a shale reservoir. By utilising propane, a fluid that originates in oil and gas reservoirs, we are minimising damage in the reservoir while eliminating the need for any water usage and handling of water waste streams. And by making the liquid propane non-flammable, we further allay concerns some may have about the safety of the process.”

Dr John Thrash, eCORP’s CEO and chairman, stated, “We are extremely pleased with this very positive enhancement in ecorpStim’s capabilities and safety features. We are dedicated to ensuring safety in all aspects of our operations, and continue to strive to provide superior options in terms of safety and environmental care and concern in our products and services.”

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