Updated FieldMate set for release

01 May 2013

YOKOGAWA Electric Corporation has announced it will release the FieldMate R2.06 Versatile Device Management Wizard this month. FieldMate is a versatile software programme for configuring, adjusting, and managing a wide variety of field devices used in factories and other production sites.

This upgraded version of the FieldMate software supports FDT2.0, the latest version of the FDT interface, and features a new alarm setting function with a user-friendly graphic interface that conforms to the NE107 standard. With this new version, Yokogawa will increase its share of the maintenance market.

As plants often have sensors from multiple vendors that rely on more than one communications standard, versatile software tools are required for device configuration, adjustment, and management. FieldMate, a PC-based software package that supports all major industry-standard communications protocols, is ideal for such requirements. It supports the FDT/DTM open software execution framework and can be used to configure and adjust any vendor’s network-capable field devices, regardless of which communications protocol is used.

Target markets are facility maintenance operations in process industries.

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