Servicing of a Hägglunds motor at the German Gulf Enterprises workshop

Servicing of a Hägglunds motor at the German Gulf Enterprises workshop

Hägglunds packs a punch

Hydraulic drive systems from Bosch Rexroth offer a combination of benefits that are hard to reproduce with electromechanical systems

01 May 2013

Rotation has driven industry for centuries, and hydraulic technology itself is hardly anything new. But Bosch Rexroth‘s way of using Hägglunds hydraulic direct drives to produce rotation is truly groundbreaking. It offers a combination of benefits that’s hard to reproduce with electromechanical systems.

In 2008, Bosch Rexroth acquired Hägglunds Drives, a Swedish leader in the hydraulic motors and drive systems niche. Hägglunds Drives was considered a leading international supplier of complete hydraulic drive systems, large hydraulic drives and separate drive motors and services.

The Hägglunds direct drive systems are used in a wide range of industries, such as mining and materials handling, marine and offshore, recycling, sugar, pulp and paper.

Greater power is increasingly needed in many industries, and it is a prerequisite for a number of applications in the Middle East market such as cement crushers, belt conveyors, apron feeders, etc.

Bosch Rexroth in the Middle East examined the demand for the Hägglunds drives in several industries such as cement, materials handling, chemical, mining and shipyards.

Limestone crusher in Sharjah Cement

German Gulf Enterprises, Bosch Rexroth‘s partner in the UAE, has been appointed as a certified service partner in the Middle East. “We have built up our extensive range of expertise over 30 years and have the know-how, and various maintenance agreements to extend up-time for the different Hägglunds motors acquired by end-users,” said Sushil Kumar, divisional manager for the Construction Equipment/Hydraulic Sales/Industrial Equipment divisions at German Gulf Enterprises. “We are carrying out the service of one of the largest hydraulic motors, Hägglunds MB 800 at Sharjah Cement Factory in addition to Hägglunds CA motor at Hamriyah Port in Sharjah,” he added.

In 2012, Bosch Rexroth introduced the latest hydraulic motor to the Hägglunds product portfolio, Hägglunds CBM motor, which was developed in direct response to customer requests. For Bosch Rexroth customers, the Hägglunds CBM motor opens up new possibilities. It is well suited for heavy-duty applications such as shredders, feeders and roll mills. Unlike the AC drives, the Hägglunds CBM not only handles heavier workloads, but also takes up less space and places less weight on the drive shaft. This means that customer machines, and in some cases the facilities that house them, can be smaller, lighter and simpler. “One of the key advantages that turned our clients to use the Hägglunds drives is the low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors which can transmit high power directly, with no need for gearboxes to reduce speed.” said Amin Abu-Seif, bulk material handling sales manager, Bosch Rexroth, Middle East.

The motor’s reduced installation requirements, combined with the higher productivity it allows, can mean lower overall investments and increased long-term revenue. Added to this are the unique operating advantages of a hydraulic direct drive: full torque from zero speed, protection from shock loads and four-quadrant operation.

With its extreme torque-to-weight ratio and compact design, the Hägglunds CBM will be able to handle a very broad range of tasks.

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